Rachel & Ali’s wedding food makes me say OM NOM NOM

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Looking at this photo from Rachel & Ali's recent Persian wedding in San Francisco made me drooly — look at that amazing spread of food in front of them! Om nom nom nom…

Come, let's drool over some wedding food porn.

These are meant to be sugar cubes for the coffee.
Tiny raspberry tarts!
These could be baghlava (Persian baklava).
Rainbow toot, a Persian-style marzipan confection.

Really, all the photos from their wedding are amazing — clearly, they had some talented guests! I'm especially fond of this one from their Chinatown stroll, and Rachel's fab birdcage veil.

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Comments on Rachel & Ali’s wedding food makes me say OM NOM NOM

  1. yay! we had some totally talented photographers. since I’m a wedding photographer, all my friends tend to be too (since we all work on the weekends when normal people can play). Our official photos were done by Marina Miller of redheartphoto.com who flew out from Honolulu for the event. mwah.

  2. Beautiful! Love the chinatown shots! Red Heart Photo does great work, love their website! I am hoping for a bride with birdage veil someday. I love photos with them, so pretty!

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