Contra dancing, condoms, and compost toilets: this queer Vermont wedding's got everything you need

December 15 2014 | mswolfgang  
Photos by: Erica Camille Productions
How to eat pie
Photos by Erica Camille Productions

When Erica CamilleThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them sent me Miles and Mya's awesome weekend wedding, my eyes pretty much exploded from sooooooo many things at which to be amazed.

The couple celebrated their wedded bliss over the course of three days at a magical-looking place in Vermont called Farm and Wilderness Summer Camp. The farm was filled with all sorts of fun: a lake, campfires at night, and bowls of condoms. Looks like everyone pitched in to make the wedding itself a success, even down to carrying their own benches to and from the ceremony site in the field. After the wedding, guests were in for another piece of awesomeness that I particularly love: contra dancing! (Seriously, if you haven't tried it, get thee online and find an event close by. It's unbelievably fun.)

As you're scrolling through the photos, keep on the lookout for a rustic xylophone, a guide to composting toilet etiquette, and happy rainbow antennae.

Guests in a circle

Mexican corn

Couples xylophone

Building for the wedding

In the mountains of Vermont

Vermont wedding campfire

Hospitality for the guests

Wedding procession across a field

Wedding bingo

Wedding couple walks the aisle together

Miles + Mya in the aisle



Farm wedding

The ring

Mazel tov

Under a canopy

Guests carrying benches

Miles + Mya lakeside

Do si do


Hidden kisses

Small square tables for dinner

Compost toilet etiquette

Contra dancing

Happy antennae


Photographer: Erica Camille Productions • Venue: Farm and Wilderness Summer Camp

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  1. Wait, did this wedding start with two grooms and end with two brides, or are they separate weddings? I'm confused…

    Dont get me wrong, they both look FABULOUS!!

      • Oh, I'm totally a part of the non-gender binary. I'm much more femme and have huge boobs, so I'm an obvious female, but my boi doesn't and could totally pass (but doesn't wish to try) so she gets crazy looks almost every time she has to use a public restroom, to the point that ladies have opened the door to check the sign to make sure that THEY have entered the correct restroom…I'm always wanting to yell, "SHE HAS ALL THE SAME PARTS AS YOU, YOU IGNORAMUS!" But I manage to restrain myself (most of the time) 🙂 Once, a lady made the manager of the restaurant come to kick her out of the women's bathroom and she told him she was changing her tampon! She gets so embarrassed by the negative attention and just wants it all to go away, but it makes me SOOO MAD!! We are in Northern California, for pete's sake! Hasn't everyone seen a butch lesbian by now?!?

  2. so, did the wear the rings on opposite hands (R and L, respectively)? because that means the ring touch when they hold hands and that's just adorable.

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