Cass & Liam’s Glam, Goth Wedding in Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building

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The offbeat bride: Cass, Graphic Designer

Her offbeat partner: Liam, Airodrome Operator

Location & date of wedding: Sydney, Australia, The Queen Victoria Building –Aug 14 2009

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What made our wedding offbeat: I think of our wedding as “left of centre”… but i guess thats offbeat. I think what made our wedding unique was that it was such a blend of Liam and my personalities.

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Everything looked normal at a glance but when you had a second look you could see the quirks, like… inside the oh-so-elegant and grown-up looking guest gifts was something that can only be described as a “little kids party bag.” Or we had actually spray painted the flowers in my very traditionally shaped bridal bouquet to have black edging.


The ceremony was no exception, while it was held in a church it was such a non-churchy ceremony and had more laughs than the local comedy store.

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Our biggest challenge: We had two issues and they both involved family.
The first issues was that one of my sisters was recently divorced and my family was dealing the best we could with it.


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The second was with my mother-in-law. Her wedding cost $500 and she catered it herself in the back yard, so when she initially saw how much everything cost she was very against the extravagance of it all. My grandparents had left me $10,000 for my wedding and she thought it would be better off going towards a house deposit. In the end, though, she understood what it meant to my very religious parents to have a big wedding and she got on board with the wedding plans 🙂

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My favorite moment: Just one??? I think it was the look on Liam's face as I walked down the aisle towards him. Our eyes met and in that moment no one else existed in that church but the two of us. And then I made him faint! How many brides can claim that?

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Also the MC and ministers both shared stories about how Liam and I met and why we loved one another. We are pretty private and are not prone to shouting from the roof tops and to be able to explain to everyone (through another person in my own words) why I love Liam was really emotional for me. And I am glad that his parents heard it, that there newest family member really did truly, madly, deeply love their son.

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My advice for other offbeat brides: Be calm and plan, that way you have no reason to stress out on the day.

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And also to enjoy the day and try not to stress out about your guests having a good time, the day is over so quickly and is gone before you know it.

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Care to share a few vendor/shopping links? DO I!? For any Sydney based brides these guys are worth a look…

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  1. You look gorgeous…absolutely stunning! Please dye your dress and where it again! It was MADE for you 🙂

  2. Oh this is quite possibly the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen…or at least the pictures make it seem so! Where did those gorgeous lacy black cupcake liners come from? I absolutely love all the small details in your wedding that made it as you said, "left of center". So classy and yet wonderfully dark. Best wishes to you and your new husband!

  3. Cass – I was truly inspired by your wedding! It was absolutely beautiful! I loved the dresses (yours in particular), but truly enjoyed the style of the tuxes as it is not something seen often around here. The whole thing looked elegant but fun.

  4. What a beautiully elegant wedding with a personal "edgyness". The bride and groom make a very charming pair… this is great inspiration for my wedding!! Amazing!!

  5. I loved all the outfits especially!! What a snazzy bride and groom. Where did those gorgeous bridesmaids dresses come from? They are also fab!

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