Remember your guests' travels with a push pin map guestbook

Updated Dec 26 2016
Brenna & Dennis Wedding 324
Photos by Anna Jaye Photography

We aren't talking about "pinning" in terms of Pinterest for once. We're talking an actual push pin map guestbook. Brenna and Dennis had a nifty, thrifty idea for their guestbook: guests placed a pin on a map indicating from where they traveled. This ideas serves two purposes: find out who traveled the farthest, and have a visual keepsake of where all your guests live. Super fun times! Let's hear from Brenna on the whole scheme.

We were surrounded by so many people we love. Dennis has a very large family, and we both have many friends, so instead of trying to cut down on either group, we invited everyone, which brought quite a few people together. We were lucky to have a number of people travel long distances for the wedding, so at the entrance we had people put a pin in the map to say where they came from. The longest distance: Uganda!

Uganda be kidding me! Uuuugh, sorry for that pun. Can you blame me? Let's hear your own guestbook ideas, if you're having one.

Brenna & Dennis Wedding 323
Brenna & Dennis Wedding 171
Brenna and Dennis being cuties

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  1. I've thought it would be fun to have an address book guest book. There's the immediate benefit of having the right mailing address for a thank you card, but I think it would also be fun to collect email addresses, phone numbers, Twitter/Instagram handles, maybe even birthdates!

  2. I wish we had done some sort of really cool noticeable guestbook. We bought a diary at a horror convention and but it on the gift table with a sign. Problem was, a couple people brought large gifts and set them right on top of the guestbook! By the time I noticed and fixed it cocktail hour was halfway over and everyone had already visited the table so we only got something like 12 messages 🙁

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