Timoku domed ring
Propose to your groom with this bad boy? Success awaits. Timoku domed ring only $357 from Titanium Jewelry

What's one wedding “rule” we LOVE seeing Offbeat Brides break? Waiting for the groom to propose, of course! We love when brides propose to their partner. We even have a two-part guide on how to do it. Of course we also love stories of ladies proposing to ladies and dudes proposing to dudes. Hell, our publisher Ariel proposed to her husband, too! We just want you guys to do what's right for you if you're down for slapping some bling on your partner's finger.

We've partnered up with offbeat vendor and alternative metal gurus, Titanium Jewelry, to recount some of our very favorite proposal tips and stories as we look at some black titanium, timoku, damascus steel, zirconium, and flippin' METEORITE ring styles. If you're not planning on switching up proposal styles, no worries: these rings are pants-wetting-awesome for everyone.

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A $359 Black tungsten with a black diamond… for our black souls.
My partner and I have talked about getting married for a while now. I want to propose to him with the ring that would then become his wedding band. The problem is… I want to make it a surprise, and I don't know his ring size. Does anyone know other sneaky ways to find their partner's ring size?

Learn how!

So, I get home last night after six days. Excited to just hop into bed and wait for Lacey to get home from Mother's Day dinner, I open the door to what I can only describe as “New FluffyTown” — a replica of the second-largest and most extravagant blanket slash pillow fort built in the world built in fictional Greendale Community College in 2012.

Read more about Lacey's pillow fort proposal.

Damascus steel ring with wood inla
Damascus steel ring with wood inlay. $659 from Titanium Jewelry
… What also interested me was that the role-reversal seemed to come with less celebration than the standard boy-asks-girl scenario. In my opinion, just because I was asking didn't mean I didn't want an awesome memory.

Learn how Sarah proposed to Kunal.

Cobalt and METEORITE wedding band
Cobalt and meteorite wedding band! $879 from Titanium Jewelry
I don't remember how I came up with the idea for the d20 ring. I do remember that it was important to me to find something that suited my girl, something she would want to wear on a regular basis.

More from Babelglyph on her D&D proposal.

Black zirconium and copper ring
Black zirconium and copper ring for $375 from Titanium Jewelry

Feel free to peruse our whole archive of proposal advice here. Then when you've got your plan set, consider a bad-ass ring from Titanium Jewelry as your ace-in-the-hole for making sure your partner comes back with a big ol' YES. Happy proposing!

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