Proposing tips and ring ideas with Brilliant Earth’s Artisan Collection

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It's January, kiddos, and you know what that means: ENGAGEMENTS GALORE! Either you're recently engaged, planning to be soon, or at least seeing them roll in on Facebook. Either way, a fun time is in store. Here are some of our favorite tips for making your proposal rad as hell, as well as some amazing rings to share from our sponsor Brilliant Earth, too.

Know your partner

If your partner is shy or has any social anxiety, don't put yourselves on a sports scoreboard or plan an elaborate surprise in front of a bunch of strangers. On the other hand, if your partner loves a good bit of drama, feel free to go wild with an orchestra in the park, propose at comic-con, or make a big ol' deal of it with all the friends around.

Pick a venue that's meaningful

This could be a favorite date restaurant, the place you met, or your own bed (nudge nudge)! Either way, set the mood with a place that reminds you both of why you're right for each other.

Utilize special days

Valentine's Day is coming up, and birthdays and holidays are always gimmes. But the day you fell in love, the day you volunteered together and you felt a little more grateful in your life, the day you shared something amazing… those are often the greatest days to remember.

Catch it on camera

On a GoPro, with a friend awkwardly hiding behind a bush, or hire a pro to get some amazing shots — if your partner would want to save it, capture it. Or get some great YouTube clicks if it doesn't go well.. I keed, I keed.

If you're a lady, propose to your partner!

Nothing says you can't make the move and give your most special person the day of their life. We've seen it and we love it.

Chamise Diamond Ring

Now that we're in the mood to propose, let's check out some fabulous bling

You have to see the newest collection, from one of our favorite conflict-free jewelry vendors, Brilliant Earth. The Artisan Collection, is all bezel and stippling and satin finishes, oh my!

Don't worry, if you order soon, you can get your engagement ring in time for a Valentine's Day proposal. Then let us know how it went so we can go all “emoji with hearts for eyes.”


The Juliet Ring is our beads + diamond + satin finish dreams come true. The Sunburst Ring to the right of it takes the beads even further. My heart can't take it!

The Cora Ring (on the right) is all contemporary bezel fabulousness while the Harvest Moon Ring (on the left) adds a touch of an organic feel with stippling on the band.


The Cosmos Ring was MADE for our space and science geeks. Flush diamonds, matte finish, galaxy-esque patterns… we heart you to the moon and back, little rings.

We all feel like proposing to each other if that means we can get our grubby mitts on these rings. Go get your ring lust on over at Brilliant Earth. And of course, you know you're doing some good in the world with these guys.

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