The “Tie the Knot Festival” wedding weekend

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As lovers of festivals of all types, Cath and Cyrus crafted their “Tie the Knot Festival” for a whole weekend of craziness and awesome events. Angelica Peady Photography was there to capture the ceremony, reception, and after party.

The backdrop of Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat in Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales, Australia was gorgeous for both the ceremony and the festival. It's located between the neighbouring regions of Shoalhaven and the Southern Highlands.

I love the many sides of this wedding and how obviously FUN it was. Check out these vendors if you liked what you saw:

photography: Angelica Peady Photography

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Comments on The “Tie the Knot Festival” wedding weekend

  1. What a great location! Awesome bush cathedral is awesome. And whatever those costumes are, that picture at 3rd from the bottom, is the funniest picture taken evar

  2. This is very cool, I love the Kangeroo Valley!

    I have to ask where is the the cake of cheese from? I googled some suppliers in Australia just want to know who made this one. I’d love to hear how it was received by the guests too as this picture alone makes me want one badly 🙂

    • We (in England) had one, we just went to the cheese stall in the market and asked what they could do, they gave us five or six cheese and stacked them and we decorated it with fresh herbs and stuff… ended up looking pretty similar to this. Hope that helps! (oh, and EVERYONE loved it. Except my husband who is still [a year later] bitter that he didn’t get any!)

      • Thanks! We might end up in the DIY route. I found a cheese seller in Sydney and the prices seem reasonable but they aren’t in a convenient location for pick up 🙂

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