Why prom shoes make great wedding footwear

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We've talked about how prom dresses can make great wedding gowns, but what about prom SHOES? Like prom dresses, prom shoes are often at a lower price point than anything with the word “wedding” attached, and they also tend to be a bit more playful and sparkly than the more chic stuff targeted at brides.

But you know what? I like playful, sparkly, and inexpensive (and I know some of you do too) so let's take a look at some prom shoes and sandals that could kick ass for your wedding day. We've got some rainbow sparkles, lots of bows, and even a couple pairs of flip-flops…

Type Z - Dex (Tan) - Footwear

rsvp - Amber (Green Satin) - Footwear
Coloriffics - Rainbow (Multi) - Footwear
J. Renee - Dayna (Gold Glimmer Fabric) - Footwear
Nina - Culver (Canary Yellow Satin) - Footwear
Coloriffics - Coloriffics Pump (Silver) - Footwear
rsvp - Cailyn (Silver) - Footwear
rsvp - Perfect (Fuchsia Satin) - Footwear
J. Renee - Petunia (Cool Multi) - Footwear
J. Renee - Petunia (Warm Multi) - Footwear
Nina - Hilaria (Ivory Satin) - Footwear
Touch Ups - Zoey (Silver Glitter) - Footwear
J. Renee - Rosina (Multi Glitter Fabric) - Footwear
J. Renee - Savanna (Brite Multi) - Footwear
Nina - Sadi (Capri Fuschia) - Footwear
Nina - Berkley (Ivory) - Footwear
Zigi - Priority (Black Suedette) - Footwear


Iconic - Spring Multi

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Comments on Why prom shoes make great wedding footwear

  1. Yesss. Know the style(s) you want to see, and then look at shoes within that style. Unless you’re specifically interested in white special occasion pumps or sandals, there’s no point in looking for wedding-specific shoes.

  2. LOVE!!! 🙂 I already have a pair very similar to the leopard print peep-toes on the top row, these are all very excellent picks!

  3. OMG, I love the pink/orange/yellow ones, but I know that I can’t get too attached to any shoe I see because I know it won’t fit… and they come up to a 13 Wide???? (Not in the bright colors, but other styles of that brand do.) Yay!! Bigfoot girls get some love! (Now, if only they came up to a 14, I’d be set.)

  4. I’m so getting fun colored shoes for my wedding. I don’t even care if they’re not expensive.

  5. Oooh! My shoe is 2nd from the top in the middle (yellow). Except I have it in purple and it’s really lovely! I bought about 10 pairs of shoes from Zappo’s when I was trying them on, you gotta love their return policy!

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