The offbeat bride: ElisaBethe, Loan Officer

Her offbeat partner: Chris, Pipe-fitter

Location & date of wedding: Neighborhood park in Atascocita, TX — 05/23/09

What made our wedding offbeat: First we were planning a big wedding. Then I got pregnant and we decided to elope. At the last minute, we decided, instead, to hold a tiny park wedding, and only invite our immediate family; about twenty people.

belly 1I was seven months pregnant, and we decided to wear bright blue in honor of our little boy on the way. My dress was $6.00 at Charlotte Russe! I made a feather and faux flower bouquet the day of with decorations from Hobby Lobby, and wore feathers in my hair picked up that day as well. When I got my make-up done, I requested “a mardi gras mask for my eyes.”

What I didn't realize was that I had HELLPS syndrome, and a baby on the way that night! At our small restaurant reception I started feeling bad and so I cut it short to go to the hospital, along with the nineteen family members and my new husband. I was taken by ambulance to a bigger hospital, and spent my wedding night there. The next morning I had an emergency c-section, still with the feathers in my hair, and gave birth to a 3lb. 4 oz. baby boy! It was quite the wedding weekend!

Our biggest challenge: Biggest challenge was, of course, suffering liver failure due to HELLPS at the reception!

group shot

But wedding wise, it was trying to keep the whole thing a secret so that we could only invite immediate family.

Another challenge was dress shopping. It is not easy for a seven month pregnant girl to find a dress long enough to cover pregnancy cankles and still be pretty and casual. I think I tried on close to fifty dresses before I found my keeper.


My favorite moment: I loved walking down the aisle as we were pelted with birdseed and my new husband stuck out his tongue to catch it. It was so silly and so him!


I also loved when I went into labor and delivery and was asked if I was married. I got to reply, “Yes, for exactly two hours now.”

me & Cooper

My offbeat advice: Don't worry about what people will think of your offbeat look. I was told I was beautiful with elephant feet, a blue beach dress, mardi gras eye make-up, and a feather bouquet! It was MY DAY and I did look beautiful.hospital 3

Care to share a few vendor/shopping links?:

  • Dress – Charlotte Russe
  • Hair feathers – Claires
  • Brides Ring – Sears
  • Groom's Ring – Tungsten band from amazon.com
  • Shoes – Old Navy pink flip flops
  • Reception – Carinos, I know they had never had a wedding before, and they were super nice, and just what we needed.

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn:

Comments on ElisaBethe & Chris’ casual wedding… and a baby!?

  1. your baby boy is so tiny and precious in your arms… wow!

    congratulations! you became a wife and mom all on the same day. thats so exciting! 🙂
    i'm sooooo happy for you. yay! *hugs*

  2. Aww! Congratulations! I'm so glad everything turned out so well! I love love love the casual wedding.

  3. Wow what an incredible weekend! You will have that story forever…
    I love the bright blue dress with the pink flowers, and how ridiculously pretty you look holding your newborn son. Congratulations on everything and I am glad it all turned out well

  4. There's something so sweet and sincere about your wedding. You are a brave wife and mommy! And yes, you did look absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

  5. Thank you for this! I am a little scared that I might be pregnant right now, and was worried about what people would think on my wedding day if I am (ridiculous, I know). This made me feel better, and put things into perspective for me.

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