Pre-order your "Altar your thinking" t-shirt!

Updated Oct 12 2015


Offbeat Bride t-shirts are back by popular demand — and with a new tagline! A very special thanks to Nicole for coming up with Altar your thinking!

At the suggestion of a clever OBT member, I'm offering the shirts for pre-order so that I can offer TWO colors instead of just one.

So now you can choose between two fabulous colors and sizes for everyone: little girls, big girls, and big boys too! I'm offering pre-orders at a discounted price: $20, which includes shipping. Shirts ordered up until 2/25 will be shipped by 3/7.
Pre-order yours today!

  1. You can either make multiple purchases, or you could just directly paypal me the money (ariel at offbeatbride) with your sizes/colors noted.

  2. These are very cool, but as one of your beloved plus size brides who doesn't wear black, I am a bit of a condundrum. I want the blue one, but it's not big enough! They are great, though!

  3. Oh man! I'm so excited because this one I can wear to work!
    Also, does the company that made the actual tshirts have a sizing guide online, as women's shirts generally look pretty uggo on me and I'd like to know how large the men's large is. Picky picky, right.

  4. Ariel,
    Thank you for including us "beloved big girls" and it is even a pretty stylin black shurt but I look like I've died in black – in all the worst non-goth ways. But I didn't want you to think that I didn't appreciate and notice the effort. Should you do it again I am awesome in jewel tones and that infamous bridal red.


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