Do Offbeat Bride Vendor Listings work? SPOILERS: YES!

A few of the hundreds of success stories from wedding vendors we've worked with...

Advertiser testimonial: Cindy Savage of Aisle Less Traveled

From my vendor listing, I've booked over $20k in sales for 2020 weddings. I have an 80% conversion rate for Offbeat inquiries — 4 out of 5 couples who inquired decided to hire me. Packages booked range from $2300 – $9300, with the average at ~$5400. As of now, ALL of my weddings next year are OBB weddings and I couldn't be more thrilled about it!"

Advertiser testimonial: Mike Allebach of Allebach Photography

Advertising on Offbeat Bride has been the best thing for my business. Dollar for dollar, Offbeat Bride has consistently proven to be the best way to spend my advertising budget. Several other potential advertisers over the years have contacted me asking "is it worth it?" and every time I say definitely. I see the most return on Offbeat Bride ads than any other source of advertising I do. More than half of my brides come directly from Offbeat Bride. Don't believe me? Here's a screenshot of my current clients, with their wedding dates and how they found me listed.

Advertiser testimonial: Stephanie Gatton Events

I did a calculation — in 2017 I spent $720 in advertising with Offbeat Bride… and I have netted over $12,000 in sales. All of this from a Vendor Guide listing and Vendor Spotlight. Super huge ROI!


Advertiser testimonial: Hollon "DJ Bigg H" Yarborough of Amp'd Entertainment

As a creative DJ company, we know that what we do isn't for everyone.  But Offbeat Bride directly connects us to exactly the kind of couples we created Amp'd Entertainment to serve: music lovers.  Offbeat Bride is the single greatest platform we have found to connect "the cool kids" with equally cool vendors who share their vision and style. Offbeat Bride has led amazing couples to us from across the US.  We couldn't be more grateful to Offbeat Bride for encouraging outside-of-the-box thinking and supporting creative vendors like us!


Advertiser testimonial: Merida, Events by Merida

My ROI has been larger than any other site I'm listed on, by far. I don't get as many inquiries from Offbeat Bride, but the ones I do get, always book. In fact, I haven't had a single inquiry yet that hasn't booked! What's awesome, though, is that I get my most inventive couples from Offbeat. The cool themes, the creative, the geeky — I absolutely love it!

Advertiser testimonial: Crystal, Cherry Blossom Planning Factory

The weddings we book from Offbeat Bride are always memorable. Our Offbeat Bride couples tend to be more tech-savvy and full of fun ideas (crocheted "yay" flags, a "book + whiskey" theme, for example). They tend not to care about the so-called obligatory details, and just want to have a great wedding!


Advertiser testimonial: Amy of Zeita Studios

All of our custom dress builds this year came from Offbeat Bride. The website is such an incredible resource!

Advertiser testimonial: Ailea Sneller of Cads About Matrimony

We knew we loved Offbeat Bride, so we did an ad there in the first week of our Kickstarter campaign. Within 24 hours of the ad going live, both our number of backers and total dollar value pledged more than DOUBLED.

Of all the web ads we tried (and there were lots), nothing came close to the results we saw from Offbeat Bride. We never would have made our Kickstarter goal without them.

It's no exaggeration to say that we owe our product's existence to Offbeat Bride.

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Wedding blog advertising on Offbeat Bride

Advertiser testimonial: Lori Foxworth of Black White & Raw Photography

I firmly believe that as a wedding photographer, it’s not about how much money you put into advertising, but identifying your ideal client, and finding the perfect place to attract them. We knew from the moment we decided to focus on shooting weddings that we wanted to attract more interesting, offbeat, unique weddings, and that Offbeat Bride was the perfect home for us.

I truly consider Offbeat Bride to be the most value for my advertising dollar, and is the only place that I advertise. Roughly 75% of our clients find us through Offbeat Bride.

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Advertiser testimonial: Liz Washer of Makeup Artistry by Liz

Has advertising on Offbeat Bride benefited me? In a word (OK, two words): hell yes!

First and foremost, the ad pays for itself and then some every year (it’s reasonably priced so even just one booking will cover the cost and still put money in my pocket).

The brides that find me on Offbeat Bride are excited to work with me right from the start (it’s like fast-forwarding over half of the sales cycle!) and easy to talk to, since we already speak the same language. And they invariably have the kinds of weddings that I can’t wait to be part of: creative, colorful, and deeply meaningful.

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Advertiser testimonial: Karina Picache of Oh Karina Photography

When I got into the wedding business, there was a big push for not paying to advertise. There are so many other avenues, they said. You don’t have to spend a penny, they said. Blog, Facebook, distribute table cards, word of mouth. And it’s not that that doesn’t work… But target marketing can be a tricky thing.

Enter, Offbeat Bride.

The month I quit my job and went into 100% freelance, single girl business-ownership, I bit the bullet, and applied to advertise as an Offbeat Bride vendor.

I booked 20 weddings my first year — and 17 of them right from Offbeat Bride.

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Testimonial: Dressmaker Tova Mark of Wedding Dress Fantasy

We have been advertising with Offbeat Bride for three years and are extremely pleased with the results.

We get at least 2-3 inquiries from Offbeat Brides weekly — and about 50% of the inquiries turn into sales."

Wedding blog advertising on Offbeat Bride

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