Where do Vendor Spotlight posts come from?

Businesses that already appear in our Vendor Guide (or want to purchase a listing) submit a pitch for a post or something about how they cater to nontraditional clients, and we approve the ones we truly believe our readers will enjoy. Unlike many websites, we're deeply invested in how our sponsors' campaigns do, and we won't accept your money unless we truly believe you'll get a return on investment. We are proud to say that 85% of our sponsored post clients get sales from Offbeat Bride readers. We've reached this level of success by being selective about who we feature in Vendor Spotlight posts. We act as an editorial filter, so readers find vendors, products, and services aligned with their values. Advertisers, meanwhile, receive the added credibility of editorial recommendation and don't waste their money on a campaign that isn't going resonate with our readership.

Where exactly do Offbeat Vendor Spotlight posts appear?

Your Vendor Spotlight post appears as an editorial blog post on the homepage of offbeatbride.com, in-line with quality editorial content read by about 50,000 brides each day. As the Vendor Spotlight post ages, it moves down the homepage like a regular blog post, moving into the paginated archives after about a week. These posts also appear in any relevant search results.

In addition to appearing on offbeatbride.com, your Vendor Spotlight post is also pushed out to:

  • Email newsletter (12k+ active subscribers — we cull the list to remove inactives)
  • Facebook page (155k+ fans)
  • Twitter (21k+ followers)

We also selectively share sponsored posts on Pinterest (55k+ followers). If you're interested in having your business shared on Instagram, that's a separate purchase.

Are your Vendor Spotlight posts rates monthly? How long will my business be on offbeatbride.com?

Rates for Vendor Spotlight post campaigns are for posts that stay on offbeatbride.com in perpetuity (as per the policies in our Advertiser Agreement). You'll receive the most clicks during the first week as your post moves down the homepage. After that time, your Vendor Spotlight post moves onto the second page of the site, but it will remain in the archives. (Be sure to read our Advertiser Agreement for more information.)

Who writes Vendor Spotlight posts?

We do, which is part of the cost of the advertisement. We treat our advertisers like publicity clients, and offer our copywriting services as part of the advertising package. Our founder, Ariel Meadow Stallings, has over a decade of experience as an award-winning copywriter and web marketer for industry giants like Amazon.com, Disney, and Microsoft, and she works with site editors to produce every sponsored post. You tell us what keywords, products, and promotions you want us to feature. We then write the post for you.

Do I get to choose the photo(s) you use?

Yep. Once your Vendor Spotlight post is approved, we'll scheme with you about photos. Alternately, we know what our readers love and we're happy to pick images from your website!

Do I get to approve the Vendor Spotlight post text before it's posted?

Nope. That's the "editorial" part of the post. We promise to hit on all the keywords, features, and benefits you specify, but we do so in our own voice, in our own way. In six years of Vendor Spotlight posts, we've yet to have a client who's unhappy with final product post! (If you find any errors, let us know and they will be immediately corrected.)

"I'm sitting here speechless. Not only did Offbeat Bride capture every single important aspect of our product, they presented it in exactly the easy, relaxed, hip style the collection represents but is so hard to put into words." –Wedding dress designer

Will the links to my site be followed by search engines?

No. We respect Google's stance on paid links and use "nofollow" links in all our sponsored Vendor Spotlight posts. This ensures that neither our site nor yours gets penalized for any perceived SEO rule-breaking. Trust us, you want to make sure Google knows we're being cool about our links. Here's more information from Google about avoiding perceived linking schemes.

How's the process work?

We try to make it simple for you:

  1. You submit your business for consideration via this form (as long as you are an existing vendor in our Vendor guide or want to purchase a listing!)
  2. We approve your submission.
  3. We work with you via email to schedule the post. Because they're so effective, there is high demand for our Vendor Spotlight posts and they are pre-booked at least a month in advance. We'll make sure we get a date that works for you!
  4. At least three weeks before publication, you send us the information, photos, and promotions you want us to write about in the post. Please note that if you don't send us your materials in time, we can't guarantee saving your slot or a refund.
  5. We write the post and publish it as scheduled.
  6. You get an email letting you know the post has gone up!

"Within one week, I had already made back TWICE as much as what I paid for my Vendor Spotlight post. The ad EASILY paid for itself and then some." –Azrael's Accomplice Designs

Can you help me figure out a fun offbeat promotion or discount to include in my Vendor Spotlight post?

While we're happy to scheme post angle and focus with you, any promotion you offer to Offbeat Bride readers is a business decision that only you can make — we don't feel it's our place to advise you on how to run your business. We're happy to work with you to feature a promotion hosted on your site, but for liability reasons we are not able to offer guidance on what promotion (if any) you should offer to Offbeat Bride readers.

Can I do a giveaway as part of my Vendor Spotlight post?

Yes! Linking to a giveaway on advertiser's website is a great way to give our clients a huge traffic spike. That said, we do not administer any giveaways — that is to say, we do not promote giveaways that involve entrants leaving comments on our site. We find that our clients get WAY more traffic from their ad if we promote/link to a giveaway on their own websites.

Can I embed a video in my Vendor Spotlight post?


I just rebranded — can you update my old Vendor Spotlight post with new business information?

Yes, if you have a current listing in our Vendor Guide and purchase a new Vendor Spotlight post, we can go back and do simple updates on a previous Vendor Spotlight. Please note that these updates include only basic corrections like updating your business name or website URL — we do not do extensive edits on previous Vendor Spotlight posts.

Can I do multiple Vendor Spotlight posts?

Absolutely! Although your Vendor Spotlight post is archived forever on the site, you're welcome to run additional Vendor Spotlight posts with new promotions or work you'd like to share. That said, we don't recommend doing them more often than seasonally — otherwise, you risk over-saturating our readership with your product.