How Postable's invitation service lets you save your tongue for your honeymoon

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getting hitched and need addresses

You know what sucks about wedding invitations? Pretty much all the logistics: tracking down everyone's addresses, paper cuts on your tongue from envelopes, and "How do you spell so-and-so's new last name?" You know what's awesome about wedding invitations? Our sponsor, the free and easy way to gather your guests' addresses and send out beautiful wedding stationery without the hassle.

Postable also offers an incredibly simple way to buy and mail all of your wedding stationery. From Save the Dates to invitations to thank-you cards, you create all your cards on the site and Postable prints, stuffs, stamps, and mails them to everybody for you.

addresses made easy with Postable

Here's how it works:

  1. Postable gives you a link (for example:
  2. You email out the link to your friends and family and watch as your address book starts to fill up automatically
  3. You pick from a gorgeous collection of 100% recycled cards
  4. You create and write as many cards as you want, directly on the site
  5. Postable prints, stuffs, stamps, and mails them directly to everyone for you

Here's how they look:

Postable lets you choose from an incredible selection of cards by several different designers. Eco bonus: All the cards are printed on 100% recycled or cotton paper.

save the date cards from Postable

wedding cards from Postable

Here's a quote from Martha Stewart Weddings:

Don't take our word for it, take the word of one of the premier wedding publications, the harbingers of class, the only wedding magazine I ever purchased…

If you're looking for a way around carpel tunnel that's still acceptable, try's digital writing desk, which allows users to quickly draft dozens of "handwritten" cards. First you stock an online address book then choose your stationery. Designers include Rifle Paper Co., Felix Doolittle, among others. Next, you'll type up each note with one of the site's 10 handwriting fonts. The site will then print and mail your card for you. How real does the "handwritten" printed text look once it arrives in the recipient's mailbox? Even some of our editors had a hard time telling if Postable cards were printed or pen ink! – Martha Stewart Weddings

wedding thank you cards made easy

Here's a special deal:

Use code offbeat at checkout, and take 15% off your first order from!

Hassle-free wedding invitations for a sweet discount? Oh yes, Postable just became your Website of Honor, didn't it? Cut down the time you were going to spend on invitation logistics by teaming up with Postable to get 'er done!

  1. The only thing about this that isn't 100% awesome is that there is no "nearly illegible chicken scratch" font, because my awful handwriting is legendary in our family and everyone would know instantly they were printed! πŸ˜€

    7 agree

    I was fretting just the other day about getting people's addresses!

    1 agrees
  3. Got very excited for a second, then I discovered they don't send card outside the US. Still love the address book feature though

    • Hey Rebecca, we send cards anywhere in the world. They're all mailed from the US but you can send em to internationally! Hope that helps πŸ™‚

  4. Oh man, I may end up doing this. I am looking for ways to make planning as easy as possible without breaking the bank (working around disability and depression).

    But just to clarify — they only charge you when you order the cards/stationery, right? It's not like a subscription service? This is probably obvious but I am pre-coffee and just want to make sure before I sign up. πŸ™‚

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