What will people tell their friends about your wedding?

Guest post by inayamander

Like many Offbeat Brides, I'm pretty insecure. I'm insecure to the point where I sit on the subway making up things for people around me to say behind my back. Of course, in my mind, they're never flattering.

Of course this insecurity extends to my wedding. And it always gets the worse when I hear somebody discussing a wedding they recently attended.

“It was a beautiful ceremony, but the reception had horrible music!”

“The food was great. Except the cupcakes were so dry. And cupcakes are so tacky.”

And of course I've stressed myself out thinking of all the horrible things my guests will say about my wedding. It's made worse because we had a wedding in our family that was extravagant and beautiful and published in one of those $10 bridal magazines. Hello comparison insecurity city, population: pretty much every bride ever.

So now, less than two weeks from my own wedding, I decided to STOP thinking about the horrible things people MIGHT say about my wedding. From this day forward, I'm only going to think of the awesome things they'll say about it to their friends, family, and each other.

So my wedding will be forever spoken of as fun, unique, so “them,” memorable (in a good way, of course), cute, and possibly a bit touching. They will remember the awesome bouncy castle, my dad's home-made ice cream, our candy “sand” unity ceremony, and the urban beauty of downtown Chicago. They will comment on how happy we looked, how beautiful the weather was, and that one reference we threw in that they actually understood. And of course they'll remember the fireworks over Lake Michigan. Because fireworks.

So, I ask you. What awesome, amazing, and complimentary things will your guests say about your wedding for years to come? The one rule here is you're not allowed to say anything negative!

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  1. Been feeling the exact same way, it feels good to know I’m not alone and honestly if you don’t let go you can’t have fun with it. Either way, people yeah can say bitchy things but some people can’t exist without being a twit. That being said, your wedding sounds like fun!!!

  2. Everyone remembers how our officiant messed up my name twice because he was so nervous (he was a friend of ours) and one of my favorite pictures is of both my husband and I laughing with our heads thrown back.

    They also remember the cake fight we had. It was pretty epic.

  3. “The bride made an awesome herbal burn salve favor for the guests, and it’s the most useful thing we’ve ever gotten from a wedding.”

    “Don’t forget the groom doing some badass grilling for the dinner.”

    “Yeah, and the cute mini-yoga session the couple did just after the ceremony on the beach for the photographer.”

    (Fear paralyzes you from doing awesome things. Don’t let it win.)

  4. They will all say: “It’s so awesome that they played Metallica by Apocalyptica/4 Cellos during their ceremony and Queen for their walking-out music…and I canNOT believe these flowers are all made of paper!! They are an amazing couple!” I am convinced! 🙂

    • I’m having the “nothing else matters” by Apocolyptica for my walk in!! Such an awesome cover

  5. I’m sorry did you say bouncy castle? Because anybody who doesn’t like something about your wedding is going to end their sentence with “but there was a bouncy castle so it was still the greatest wedding of all time”.

    I’ve been married three years and people tell me how awesome our wedding was all the time to this day. The best compliment to me is “that was the most relaxed and fun wedding I’ve ever been to” because that was totally what I was going for.

  6. I just wanted to thank you for writting this post. It’s nice to be reminded that you’re not the only bride with those fears and worries.

    For me, my guests will commend the beauty and relaxing atmosphere of the venue; they will enjoy the food and open beer and wine bar; they will remember the ice cream bar; and they will enjoy the photo booth. I am still up in the air about the DJ, only because I know some of our guests have reservations about dancing, but we have an awesome DJ.

  7. Those beautiful book rose bouquets that the bride and her bridesmaids carried! And the bride made them herself!

  8. 14 years later & friends still say they danced more at my wedding than any wedding they’d ever been to — our killer club DJ rocked the ’80s new wave & goth tunes all night 🙂 I remember less & less over the years other than the clothes we wore (which we’ve reused a ton) & the dancing, so much dancing with our best friends & family.

    Time blurs the little hiccups of planning & stresses of the day. Just make sure to have stuff going on that you love doing, that will make you & your guests happy. That’s what you’ll remember.

  9. Thanks! I really needed this, I’m getting married THIS SATURDAY and my mind has been spinning with everything that could go wrong… What I want everyone to say is “I had fun” that’s all. thanks for putting it in perspective.

  10. This is so me, thanks for sharing. I have been trying not to have those kinds of imaginary conversations in my head, but it is hard! My latest obsession is the fact that our date is on a Sunday rather than a Saturday. I’m worried that this will be an inconvenience but no one I’ve talked to seems to care (most people are traveling from out of town and were going to take some time off anyhow). In the end, I’m hoping that people walk away saying “wow, that was fun!”

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