It’s all about love (and a special discount!) with Portland-based Luminous Studios

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“LOVE BIG OR GO HOME. Love yourself, love your partner, love your life. (And document, document, document.)” That's Jen, of Luminous Studios, motto and it's truly all about big love with her gorgeous wedding shots and her all-inclusive attitude. Our sponsor Luminous Studios is based in Portland, Oregon, but Jen will happily pack a suitcase for any wedding… so all are invited to take advantage of her photography talents, big love philosophy and offbeat discount!

As a self-described “quirky, creative gay girl,” Jen enthusiastically embraces weddings of all sizes, shapes, themes, styles, sexual orientations, even crazy locations. Take Sarah and Denise, pictured above. Awwww. Their wedding took place in the freaking racquetball court on Sarah's family's farm outside of Portland! And Jen didn't miss a beat — capturing everything from the first look to the yummy Voodoo Doughnuts.

Luminous Studios is even ready to start your coverage from the moment of the proposal! (Seriously, you gotta read see this proposal Jen shot that became more like a secret spy mission with secret codes and all!)

As good as she is at capturing the big love moments, she's also captures the laughs as well. This photo just kills me!

“I love capturing the love, humor, celebration and delight of weddings. I specialize in natural, candid storytelling; and to me, there is no story more beautiful (and sacred, and wild, and funny, and amazing!) than the story of two people expressing their love and commitment to each other, whether it's surrounded by a host of loved ones or alone on the beach. It makes my heart sing to capture this wonderful expression of love.”
-Jen, Luminous Studios

And Luminous Studios is also dedicated to being green. 100% of carbon emissions are offset through the direct support of renewable energy and tree planting, so she's perfect for the eco-conscious bride.

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Mentioning Offbeat Bride will get you $100 off of Luminous Studioswedding photography services!

So whether you're getting married on a raquetball court, scheming a secret spy mission proposal (or even a James Bond photo shoot!), or looking for photographer to respect your eco vibe: hook up with Luminous Studios and feel the love!

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  1. <3 <3 <3 love love LOVE the rocking junior bride's maid! and the voodoo doughnuts look awesome – especially the topped with fruit loops!

    • The Voodoo Doughnuts WERE awesome!! And they’re an incredibly affordable way to serve whimsical and delicious wedding treats. They even customized Sarah and Denise’s doughnuts, creating a set that spelled out the couple’s name in frosted letters. Yum + cute!

      Oh, and the rocking bridesmaid was one of my favorite wedding moments ever. Thanks for the love! 🙂

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