Companion cube + cake = Portal wedding invitations

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We originally brought you the Portal wedding cake. And then there was the engagement proposal as an elaborate Portal 2 level, and conceptual Portal wedding rings. But you have yet to see Portal wedding invitations… until NOW! Dun dun dun.

Jayné (aka omgajawa) had this to say about these amazing invitations:

We had the idea based on an old article from Game Informer magazine. We told our friend Jesse who's a graphic designer about our idea, and he spat these out. Sure, old people might not get it or just chalk it up to some “sci-fi thing” I like, but for those that do get it I think it'll be a good laugh. And I absolutely love them. All the little touches, like the wording and the little “You Monsters,” and companion cube really make them! They turned out better than I thought and look even better on the card stock.

I'm not gonna LIE, these invitations are super bad-ass. Thanks to Jayné for sharing them with us!

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  1. Makes me sad that I never finished my Portal invitations for my own wedding. But it’s done and over with.

  2. *string of unintelligible Spanish cursing* If I’m smart, I’ll figure out some way to tie that cake and grief counseling line into my invites. That’s my favorite Glados line of all time and since I’m having a Portal cake anyway, I should tie it in a little.

  3. My question about things so nerd-specific, things that tickle my heart so thoroughly, what do you do about the people who don’t get the gag? Janye clearly chose the “shrug and roll with it” approach, but what to do if you’d really LIKE everyone to get it? Explanation on the wedsite? Pass the word around to some people to hope they pass the word around to everyone else? Run the video games throughout the reception? Force everyone to play for five minutes before they can enter your ceremony?!?!

    • Sweet they made it up! I’m so glad to see them again, they were one of my favorite things about the wedding planning process

      I did end up putting a page on my wedsite up just to explain the invitations, linking to the wikipedia article and some other pages about Portal. I explained that Portal 2 was my game-of-the year (so far, lots about to come out that will give it a run for it’s money I’m sure).
      I also told my mom about it, and my younger brother and sister’s boyfriend explained to other people who didn’t quite understand what Portal was. I wanted to play games at my wedding but it never came to be, and I’m fine with it.
      In the end just about everyone who received them thought they were adorable and loved them, even if they didn’t quite get the humor. They just knew that it was “us”, I guess you could say.
      So I’d say go with whatever you like! Offer the info to people, put links on your site, get people who understand nerdy things you enjoy and are as excited by them as you to help explain things to others if you need to. 🙂

  4. These are the BEEEEEEEEST

    I’d really like someone to say to the bride, “Wait, you KNOW her?”

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