5 engagement rings from Brilliant Earth that’ll make your sweetie say HELL YES!

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Thinking about proposing to your sweetheart this holiday season? Then you’re going to be be pretty damn interested in our longtime sponsor Brilliant Earth, and their top 5 most loved engagement rings. You know, the ring that’s going to make ’em say “oh HELL effing yes.”

Let’s start this this lovely set pictured above — the Twisted Vine engagement ring. It’s clear to see why this baby is in Brilliant Earth’s Customer Favorites Collection with its beautiful nature-inspired setting, and the sparkly twisting action on the band.

Wanna see more incredible engagement rings, including the one that I would have passed the fuck out if my husband had surprised me with? Well then, let’s collectively drool…

Gah-gah-gahMAZINGness over here! I love the Cascade Ring. It’s no surprise that this ocean-lover digs it, because the Cascade ring draws inspiration from the sea. I even love that it comes in a set, where the waves are echoed in the wedding band.

Hello, sexy Halo Ring. If all those pavé-set diamonds on this antique-style ring don’t get your heart a flutter, clean your glasses and have another peep. And shall name her Sparkle-Fucking-Motion!

Speaking of hearts… I heart Brilliant Earth’s Antique Collection. Specifically the Hand-Engraved Laurel Ring with delicate scrolls on the top and sides of the band for an amazingly eye-catching effect.

Now this, right here, the Luna Ring, is the ring that would have made me loose my freaking mind. It’s still making me hyperventilate a bit — I sure do loves me a modern-style bezel set diamond.

If you’re not seeing something that would make you or your sweetie hyperventilate, you might want to head over to Brilliant Earth and find that “one ring” … or two … hell rings for all from Brilliant Earth!

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Comments on 5 engagement rings from Brilliant Earth that’ll make your sweetie say HELL YES!

    • The Luna Ring is the first ring in 8 years that’s made me want to replace my own beloved wedding ring.

  1. LOVE Brilliant Earth. When my (now) husband was looking for my engagement ring, I wanted something ethical and I didn’t really want a diamond, Brilliant Earth had a huge selection of sapphires, so my ring ended up being a sapphire with two side diamonds. I’ve been wearing it every day for almost 3 years now and I still adore it. (If it were left up to me, I’d have gotten one of the Laurel rings, but all their rings are gorgeous.) They’re a great company to work with, I’m so glad to see them advertised here. 🙂

  2. Wow, They’re all incredible!! I’m still hanging out for the day I get one…(yep, I’m an OBB stalker… on the plus side, when I do get engaged I’ll be well ahead on planning…)
    I’m hoping my engagement ring will be yellow gold though 😀

  3. The Laurel ring is quite unique. I’ve photographed a lot of wedding rings and to find one with a center jewel where the band is engraved (and quite beautifully I must say) instead of being set with stones is not something you’ll see your co-worker at the office wearing!

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