Punch your guests in their eyeballs with awesome pop-up place cards!

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If I get married again the ONLY reason I will have assigned seating at the reception is so I have an excuse to make place cards!

What you need:

  • Heavyweight paper
  • Pencil
  • Sharpie marker
  • Eraser
  • X-acto knife and blades
  • Ruler
  • Watercolor paint (optional)

Start by cutting a 4″ x 4″ square of your heavyweight paper.

Using your ruler and straight edge, draw a light pencil line that bisects the square horizontally.

Use your Sharpie to draw a simple design. Make sure your drawing overlaps that center line! I did a heart design and a number 11 design (as in, sit at table number 11).

Now use your X-acto knife to cut the outline of your design, but only cut around the part of your design that is above the horizontal pencil line. Then score (lightly cut) the horizontal line, but DON'T score the part of your line that is under your design. For the heart design below, the blue line is where I will score, and the red line is where I will cut.

I cut the top part here:

And I score the line using my ruler as a straight edge:

Now when I fold it in half it looks like this:

I clean up the card by trimming away the white parts along the top edge of the heart and by erasing the horizontal light pencil line that is still visible in the heart.

Here is the final one!

For the number 11 design, here is where I will score (blue line) and where I will cut (red line):

And here is the finished design:

Now I've used my mad computer skillz to make a set of cards with my wedding logo.

This design is more complex and it is time-consuming to cut out. Also I have a lot of those white edges. Instead of cutting them away, I use my Sharpie to blacken the white areas.

I'd prefer a more simple design, especially if I were to cut out 50-150 of these suckers. Here is a heart design I made on the computer (again with the skillz). You can download a blank template here.

Once I cut them all out and use the Sharpie to clean up the top edge of the hearts, here is what I have:

Looks great, yes? But it would look even better with WATERCOLOR PAINT!

And why use just one color when you can use all different colors? Here is the result, I'm so pleased!

Happy creating! And as always, if you make this project, please post photos! And show them to me! I LOVE TO SEE WHAT YOU MAKE!

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Comments on Punch your guests in their eyeballs with awesome pop-up place cards!

  1. “… the ONLY reason I will have assigned seating at the reception is so I have an excuse to make place cards!”

    Haha–this is me, too!
    Lovely idea, and so deceptively simple!

  2. They look great !!! I just might use them myself πŸ˜‰
    Also thanks for giving us ideas to make stuff ourselves but still using the computer, coz over 100 guests “hand”made just isn’t possible anymore… Would you happen to have any tips on how to make cool computer-printed invites too? Thanks again !

    • Off the cuff I’d say you could spruce up computer-printed invites by using fancy paper, having some painted elements (watercolor is fast and easy), and/or using scrapbooking punches (http://tinyurl.com/4a8mtgr). I’ll definitely keep this idea in mind for a future DIY post, thank you!

      • Thank you very much for the advices Whitney πŸ™‚ And for DIY that doesn’t require an Arts Degree ;p

  3. One of my facebook friends had the idea to use a bird as the pop-up shape. It will look like the bird is perching on top of the place card! Love it.

  4. Ok so I am totally going to use this to label foods at my movie pizza party this weekend πŸ™‚

  5. OMG! Amanda Hagood is my wedding photographer. I <3 Whitney Lee Photography. These are adorbs!

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