I am FREAKING OUT over the photos from this wedding, which took place in a theater and featured a rockin' bride named Megan in the cutest polka-dot dress with hot pink crinoline.
polka-dot wedding dress
Thanks to Melissa and Becca for pointing this one out to me. *faints* One more pic of the bride, her amazing up-do and her button bouquet below…

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Comments on Adorable bride in a polka dot dress

  1. she did such a great job! love the theatre venue. her dress is too cute. i want to see pictures of everything!

  2. O.M.G! That whole wedding is to die for. I love it all. She was so cute and adorable! OH my!!!

  3. This is true wedding porn. That first picture is like a still from a movie. A hip-ass movie about a wedding! Who’d-a-thunk?

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