Pole dance engagement photos

Guest post by Jennifer Rock

I've been pole dancing as a hobby for eight years now. When my husband proposed, he knew how much of a big deal pole was in my life, so he arranged with the studio owners to sneak into class while I was stretching, and got down on one knee.

This beautiful proposal resulted in some god-awful blurry spandex photos. I mean, yay for authenticity, but I felt like we could do so much better.

My studio had photographer Don Curry coming through every year or so for photoshoots just for fun.

Don has made his career photographing dancers, particularly pole dancers, but he really gets into the spirit at the studio and has done so many types of shoots there. I've even seen him post whole families, often incorporated into pole dance. He has also done some stunning work with dancers and contortionists on the street. Not a traditional engagement photographer to be sure!

Don came by the studio just a few months before our wedding, so my husband and I decided to use the opportunity to take some unique professional engagement photos…

We even rehearsed a bit to make sure I could do things like hold a vertical handspring while kissing him, since I'd never done that before!

It was super fun, and even Don said he felt the love. The studio has since closed (thanks, COVID) but this was such a great experience and I am so proud of and love these photos to death. 

You can find Don on Instagram at Photographer is Don CurryIG: @donqphotography

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  1. Those photos are amazing – the last one is like the best genderswap Spiderman kiss ever! (Am I aging myself with that reference? haha)

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