Poetic Licence shoes make me do a silly little happy dance

Updated Oct 31 2019
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Ok, yes fine: I have a problem with loud shoes. VERY LOUD SHOES. The more color, the better. The more gape-inducing, the happier I am. For years, I've operated under the theory that if you have loud hair and loud shoes, no one really looks at what's going on between the two — jeans you've been wearing for so many days they're crusted? OMG YOUR SHOES. Loud shoes can play an awesome role on your wedding day, either adding a hint of BLAMMO to an otherwise-traditional outfit, or by acting as a major statement with a shorter, tea-length dress.

And if you're looking for loud? Oh lord, you need to look at Poetic License. These shoes are INSANE, and all in a good way.

Poetic Licence - A Fling Thing (Natural) - Footwear

Poetic Licence - Faithfully Yours (Bronze) - Footwear

Poetic Licence - A Preppy Lady (Black) - Footwear

Poetic Licence - Faithfully Yours (Pewter) - Footwear

Poetic Licence - Oldie But Goodie (Pink/Orange) - Footwear

Poetic Licence - You Rebel (Natural) - Footwear

Poetic Licence - All The Pretty Birds (Red) - Footwear

Poetic Licence - Behave Yourself (Brown/Cream) - Footwear

Poetic Licence - Orient Express (Green) - Footwear

Poetic Licence - The Right Stripes (Orange/Pink) - Footwear

Poetic Licence - You Rebel (Coral) - Footwear


Poetic Licence

  1. I LOVE these shoes. But they don't come in my size(being 11) 🙁 Anyone know anything similar in larger sizes?

    • I feel you! I was a 10 before getting pregnant, and am somewhere between 10.5 and 11 now, especially if it's a narrower width. Beloved Ariel, any chance we'll see some shoes for brides with big(ger) feet?

      • Agreed! I know Iron Fist goes up pretty high, but I like the more vintage-y crazy shoes! It is hard to find big shoes with personality!

        • Eventually you feel like you should just wear the boxes out of the store! Admittedly I love Payless for their wide-width shoes. Now to get the rest of the world on board!

          • Can't speak for the long-feet problem, but OH, yeah the wide feet problem. Would you like to buy at Payless or Zappos? Or how about Zappos or Payless? Or maaaaybe a couple of Naturalizer shoes at a department store might come in wide widths. *grumble*

      • Yes, please! I have been searching for some bold shoes in size 11 as well! Preferably with a low heel because I'm 5'9 and only 1" shorter than my guy. Give us tall girls some help. 🙂

        • I am tall too, 6'1", same as my FH. I have back-up shoes in case I can't find anything awesomer. They are 2 inch wedges in purple suede. I just want something that just screams ME!

    • Poetic Licence actually runs large. If you wear an 11 normally, a 10 will do you just fine. I ordered a 12 for my wedding shoe, since I normally wear an 11.5 – I couldn't even walk in them they were so big. They run so large, a 9.5 actually did the trick!

  2. I blame my new shoe addiction on you Ariel…and these FRACKINGAMAZINGSHOESOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
    I need to learn how to make shoes though…or get a job to pay for them haha!

  3. I love them. I wore their Dazzling Day in Sea last weekend at my wedding! Come to find out that the preacher's wife had just been in London and stocked up herself on their wonderful shoeness

  4. I blame you entirely, Ariel, for my shoe addiction.

    Thank you!!!!! 🙂 🙂

    By the way…have you [or anyone else] ever come across any sparkle-y red shoes (like a grown up version of Dorothy's ruby slippers)? I'd kill to have a pair for my wedding and would love to know where to find a pair that actually has a legitimate price tag instead of just pinned on Pinterest!

    • I actually stumbled upon someone on Etsy selling hand-sequined Dorothy shoes once. You could probably do a search on Etsy and find them. Awesome idea, btw! 🙂

    • Once upon a time there was a thread on the Tribe about this. Admittedly, I read it 3 years ago, but theoretically it might still be there somewhere …

  5. I had Poetic Licence shoes for my wedding! (And yes, those ARE sweater tights… We got married in Eastern Europe in the dead of winter.)


    But here was the most amazing thing about these shoes: The heel was not inconsiderable, but they were so frigging comfortable. We had a small wedding and walked everywhere, in a city with cobblestone streets and tonnes of ice and snow, and not once did I slip. And after walking around for maybe 10 hours in these shoes—and not being one to wear heels in real life—I didn't feel the pinch at all. I can't say enough good things about PL.

  6. I LOVE POETIC LICENCE SHOES. Love. I have two pair and want more, more, more!

    Here's my most recently purchased pair (aka my new favorite shoes in the whole world): http://mansized.wordpress.com/2011/05/10/nude-patent-leather-slingbacks-with-pink-suede-petal-appliques/

    And the ones I bought a couple of years ago: http://mansized.wordpress.com/2009/11/16/red-sparkly-patent-leather-and-suede-covered-wedges/

    The thing about Poetic Licence shoes is that they are surprisingly comfortable for what they are. And they are creative and beautiful and really fun to wear.

  7. Poetic License is amazing! I wore these:

    Poetic Licence Women's Apple Of My Eye Platform Sandal

    in red at my wedding and LOVED them. Beautiful and totally different than pretty much any bridal shoe options I saw out there!

    That particular pair runs small though, I had to do some serious stretching out so order a size larger if you have wide feet like me.

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