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If you're getting married in 2021, there's a decent chance that you actually wanted to get married last year, and had to delay. You may have already picked your dress out, or you may be on the hunt for the perfect plus-size wedding dress from a dressmaker who really gets inclusive sizing. So for all of us scrambling to get married after the shitshow that was 2020, I'm rounding up some of the best plus-size wedding dresses I've seen so far this year. And because this is Offbeat Bride, you'll find lots of bold colors and design elements like separates, embroidery, high-low hems, gothic vibes, and more!

Zeita Studios NAILED THE COLORS with this gown.
Let's start with this green embroidered wedding dress from Tonena.
…If you're not into the green, it's also available in white
Dark Garden Corsetry, how is this level of majesty even allowed?! Modeled by San Francisco performer Allota Boutte
I'm here for absolutely everything happening with this plus size wedding look from Felicity Westmacott — RIGHT DOWN TO THOSE SHOES!
If you want to go for a more gothic look this high-low hem corset dress from longtime Offbeat Bride fave KMKDesigns is a great option.
This gorgeous black plus size gown is from French Knot
This gloriousness is from Curvy Custom Bride
YES to these retro vibes from Unique Vintage!
I'm getting an elvin vibe from this blue plus size wedding dress from Silver Leaf
This dress from Kiyonna is perfect for your courthouse elopement
I am here for the little fluttery sleeves on this dress from LaceMarry
This purple gown from Wedding Dress Fantasy is made to order, exactly from your measurements.
Again with the retro vibes! This one is from Dolly Couture.

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  1. I’m already married. I’m not plus sized. These dresses are beautiful and be something I’d wear if I was getting married today vs 25 years ago. I had a hard time finding a dress that covered me up and still had cleavage showing (not my thing. Looking at my dress now, it did not show that much. Just more than I preferred).

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