Play dress-up to help guests with their wedding attire

Guest post by Layne Norton
What does “outdoor-appropriate semi-formal attire” even mean!? THIS!

Sometimes even a moderately offbeat wedding leaves guests uncertain about what they should wear.

My fiancé and I are getting married in a field in November. It is the rent-a-tent, Porta-Potty, generator, and light-a-bonfire-when-it-gets-cold kind of field. NOT the behind-the-house-with-power-and-running-water-and-electric-patio-heaters kind.

We wanted our guests to be dressy but comfortable, so we included inserts in our invitations to give guests a heads-up that they should try to look nice but bring sweaters and avoid the high heels and ball gowns. But… it just caused confusion.

To remedy the confusion, my sister and I played dress-up! The two of us took pictures wearing a bunch of different outfits. We included examples of things that would be appropriate and inappropriate and posted them with cute captions on the wedding blog.

It has helped clear up some of the confusion cause by the too-brief invite insert, plus it was really fun!

play dress up

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  1. I am putting up pics on my wedding website that specify the “dress” and has a “What Not to Wear” section with example pictures. My family kept threatening to put me on that show, so the section title is a running joke and a lot of people know the show anyway. Besides, other than friends and most of our closer family members, people who know us will appreciate the clarification since they probably think our tastes are a bit eccentric anyway.

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