Platform shoes to elevate your wedding day

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white platform wedding shoes on @offbeatbride

Aww, platforms. I'm not sure which era they're hearkening to at this point — the '90s, which were hearkening to the '70s? I can't keep track, but I've missed them. Tons of chunky heels and sky-high weirdness in here — and as always, I have terrible and very loud taste. I tried to include a few white pretties… but there are also a pair of rainbow gladiators with gold gilded inverted heels so… prepare yourself!

Yellow platforms as seen on @offbeatbride

rainbow platform metalic heel

Purple platform sneakers on @offbeatbride

White platform shoes on @offbeatbride


Turquoise platforms on @offbeatbride

Random bonus shoe

ballet wedding shoes seen on @offbeatbride

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  1. I love that the random bonus shoe is as flat as you can go! (Except maybe bare feet).

  2. Wow.. I love the yellow wedge! I don’t know if they will allow me to wear this because I belong in a conservative family who value what people may say but since it’s my wedding, I will wear it. haha. Can’t wait to see my wedding planner eyebrows to move up and down when I tell her that I’ll wear it by hook or by crook! Maybe she needs to make an extra effort in wedding planning to be able to match my wedge to the theme.. haha:)

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