How this bride entered wedding stealth mode on Pinterest

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We all have at least one friend we follow on Pinterest who is guilty of obsessively over-pinning wedding stuff. The non-stop hoarding of the typical wedding/spam pins have made me realize a couple of things:

  1. Unfollow that shiznit, pronto, before you burst into an epic feminist-esque rage.
  2. Excessive pinning to a non-secret board can be annoying.

Enlightenment #2 made a light bulb go off in my head. Secret boards are great for this situation. But they're also kind of lonely.

My solution…

I created a whole separate account, solely dedicated to wedding planning. None of our friends have to know about it OR be forced to follow the boards, unless they are the ones who have been helping us with planning.

A second benefit: I promised myself to only follow wedding-related boards on the account I'm pinning wedding-related stuff to. That way, I can easily switch from “Everyday Me” to “Wedding Me.” There's going to be a day when I'm going to need to keep myself away from all things wedding — be it prevent “bridal-blog-overload,” or because I'm starting to compare our decisions to what others are doing. In short, it's my sanity safe lock.

Speaking of Pinterest, are you following Offbeat Bride?
Speaking of Pinterest, are you following our Offbeat Bride account?
I guess one more positive is that the details of our wedding will not be spoiled before the event — or for that matter, judged before final decisions are even made. Already, I've avoided talking about our wedding on Facebook, and never-ever tweet about it. All my urges to share details and vent are channeled through here, where the content is relative and appropriate — and my identity is sort of anonymous.

Can people find “Wedding Me” on Pinterest? Yeah, but only if they actively seek me out or stumble upon my stuff — and I'm cool with that. Just as long as I'm not throwing out all these details into a space where it can be considered overshare, I can feel at peace.

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  1. “before you burst into an epic feminist-esque rage.”

    I’m a feminist and I love Pinterest. Including wedding pins. If people are counting how many pins I’m posting, its bothers them and yet doesn’t violate Pinterest rules in any way, I don’t think I or your bride friend are anything wrong *kanye shrug*
    *ETA: My pinterest board isn’t connected to my FB or other accounts + my pinterest name is a screen name instead of my legal name

  2. I thought this was a great idea when I first read about it. So I -pretty much- immediately created another pinterest persona! Thanks for the great advice!

  3. I love it. I so badly wanted to get some pins organized for the desserts I now have boards called Lemon, Orange, Peanut Butter, and Berries & Cherries!

  4. I totally get the surprise factor, my for me, I kind of feel like… fuck it! It’s easy enough to unfollow me, and I actively hate the double standard that our weddings are supposed to be sooo important, and yet Pinning all the time is *crazy*. I super-Pin with pride, and anyone who has a major problem with it would never be invited to my lovefest anyway.

    That being said, I, too, don’t talk about wedding stuff anywhere else on my social networks. Facebook and Twitter feel more like office spaces to me these days.

  5. I pin thousands of things absolutely shamelessly. My strategy is to pin ALL THE THINGS, then when it’s decision time, narrow it down to the one I like best by deleting one by one. If it was Facebook, I’d feel super guilty for doing this, but I’m not on Pinterest to make friends. I made sure Facebook and Twitter were divorced from Pinterest, and though some people have managed to find me (no idea how….) if they want to stop following me, I will definitely not be offended in the least. I expect everyone to accept that I post all this, because that’s what it’s there for, but I certainly don’t expect anyone else to CARE about it.

  6. This is definitely a great idea for organization and if you have friends that you really don’t think would be super into seeing all the wedding pins. Personally, I have a few different friends planning weddings right now and I love seeing their wedding-related pins on Pinterest. ‘Cause I love weddings! The whole point of Pinterest is to pin, pin, pin, so I can’t imagine getting annoyed at someone for pinning a lot of things. But to each their own!

    I really wish I’d had Pinterest for wedding planning. I’m so jealous of brides that have it! Hahah. It became super popular shortly after my wedding and I was like, “Whaaaaa-? This is amazing, I needed this!”

  7. “We all have at least one friend we follow on Pinterest who is guilty of obsessively over-pinning wedding stuff. ”

    Sorry, that was me. *hides the 75 wedding-related pins from this morning behind her big floofy cupcake skirt*

  8. Damn! I wish I had thought of this when I first got engaged! I’m sure I’ve been flooding people with wedding pins, but I have so many…it’d be such a pain to start a new account now! I always figured if someone was getting annoyed by my wedding pinnery they could just unfollow those boards – I won’t be offended!

  9. I also use the private boards to pin wedding stuff. So far I’m doing OK with the 3, dress, decor, favors – but I totally understand where a separate account would prove effective here. I used the secret board from the get-go because I did not need input from people that I happen to be FB friends with, or who spend too much time on the internet. I accidently posted a comment about how unhelpful a particular article was on wedding planning on FB and got all sorts of advice on how to do my wedding inexpensively, which included some super looney crazy (not fun crazy) ideas that were totally unsolicited. Secret boards, for me and my bridesmaids, as well as a FB group for just them – helps keep the unhelpful helpers out of my hair, and me sane. 🙂

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