How this bride entered wedding stealth mode on Pinterest

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We all have at least one friend we follow on Pinterest who is guilty of obsessively over-pinning wedding stuff. The non-stop hoarding of the typical wedding/spam pins have made me realize a couple of things:

  1. Unfollow that shiznit, pronto, before you burst into an epic feminist-esque rage.
  2. Excessive pinning to a non-secret board can be annoying.

Enlightenment #2 made a light bulb go off in my head. Secret boards are great for this situation. But they're also kind of lonely.

My solution…

I created a whole separate account, solely dedicated to wedding planning. None of our friends have to know about it OR be forced to follow the boards, unless they are the ones who have been helping us with planning.

A second benefit: I promised myself to only follow wedding-related boards on the account I'm pinning wedding-related stuff to. That way, I can easily switch from “Everyday Me” to “Wedding Me.” There's going to be a day when I'm going to need to keep myself away from all things wedding — be it prevent “bridal-blog-overload,” or because I'm starting to compare our decisions to what others are doing. In short, it's my sanity safe lock.

Speaking of Pinterest, are you following Offbeat Bride?
Speaking of Pinterest, are you following our Offbeat Bride account?
I guess one more positive is that the details of our wedding will not be spoiled before the event — or for that matter, judged before final decisions are even made. Already, I've avoided talking about our wedding on Facebook, and never-ever tweet about it. All my urges to share details and vent are channeled through here, where the content is relative and appropriate — and my identity is sort of anonymous.

Can people find “Wedding Me” on Pinterest? Yeah, but only if they actively seek me out or stumble upon my stuff — and I'm cool with that. Just as long as I'm not throwing out all these details into a space where it can be considered overshare, I can feel at peace.

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  1. I tip my hat to your mad Pinterest organization skills.

    I’m a tad (understatement) anal-retentive too and I organized my pins exactly the same way, complete with a secret account. It really did help keep my sanity and prevented my friends and even complete strangers (btw who leaves a comment telling someone their pin about having an unplugged ceremony is a thoughtless idea?! sheesh) from seeing every idea I found interesting. I’ve always been big on surprises too and knowing that only a handful of close fam and friends know the details of our wedding makes it that much more exciting for us:-)

    Thanks for the great tips!

    • Thanks!

      And – wait – total strangers are dissing ideas of people they don’t even know?

      Friends who I have known for 20+ years don’t even comment on my pins [on my normal, everyday account]. 🙂

  2. THIS IS GENIUS. I wish this had been an option before I had all my separate boards up. It’s something that crosses my mind from time to time – I really don’t want to annoy the heck out of people or have them think I’m wedding obsessed when in reality, this shin dig is getting planned in fits and starts. Most excellent though : ]

  3. I did this too! I have a whole alter ego with like 10 wedding boards so I can go crazy without my friends a) thinking I’m a wedding-obsessed pathetic nutcase and b) seeing all my plans before the big reveal 🙂

  4. I really wanted a secret board when I was planning – I didn’t realise for a while that it was posting everything to my Facebook by default, and while I wasn’t worried about a ‘big reveal’ or anything, I just sort of felt like it was nobody’s business but my own, you know?

    • Mine is cut off from posting to Facebook. No secret boards, but I don’t like telling everyone on fb when I’m on Pinterest, they’d be following me their if they wanted to see that.

  5. I did the exact same thing. Not only did I not want to spam everyone with 8 billion wedding posts, I also didn’t want everyone and their mother seeing MY wedding “plans”. So my wedding Pinterest account was born…and only my MOH knows about it!

  6. Ha! I joined Pinterest at first to do a wedding contest (at least in part), but then I realized that people were starting to follow me, and I hadn’t told anyone outside the family about the wedding. In fact, I can’t even remember if I’d told my family at that point. So now I have three secret boards (wedding theme, bridesmaids, dresses) and have been harrassing my family and 3 close friends to join so they can pin! LOL Now my mom has 2 secret boards, so we all can pin and comment away in peace.

  7. I went mad stealth mode a few weeks ago and keep my main account for wedding contests and whatnot. I ended up style-biting a few of the more OCD or… amazingly organized tribe members and it’s helped tons. No more side comments from overinvolved parties, no more feeling like a dick for going nuts with that dastardly pinit button… i want everything to be a surprise! 2nd account is best way to go for sure

  8. I made my wedding pinterest board private – I want the details to be a surprise on the day. Also, I’ve got links to organisational stuff to, e.g. how to not invite people, etc, which I wouldn’t want people to necessarily see.

  9. i actually did this with just my regular pinterest account.. i signed up for it separately from facebook, and i havent linked it anywhere, or told anyone, or anything, so i dont think anyone i know can see what i pin. people have randomly followed me, which is kind of odd, but pinterest makes you follow people (LAME), so i just assume thats why.

    i just dont see the point of pinterest as a “social media” type of thing. i just want my pins and my boards and thats it. i dont need or want likes or comments or whatever. i dont need anyone else to see what i pin.

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