Pink-haired bride with matching ink

Updated Oct 12 2015

As a fellow pinkie myself, I am totally in love with OBT member Kim Dayman's bright pink wedding hair. And is it just me, or does her hair perfectly match her anatomical heart tattoo?

  1. I love that in the black and white photos her hair looks sort of blonde….a nice compromise for a conservative granny to put hang on her wall maybe?

  2. Hey! As an old parent and dad to a daughter with comparable tastes, I lovingly bow to whatever makes her happy, as long as it doesn't hurt anybody, and punk styles, as flamboyant as they appear, never hurt a soul.

  3. I miss the HELL out of my pink streaks. Myself (and my weave) are going back to pink and black. Wheeeeeeee!

  4. Wow! Thanks Ariel for the feature!

    I'm so flattered <3

    Carol Ann- My natural hair colour is blond and many of my family including my grandparents chose many of their pictures in the black and white option.

    And to the Dad who supports his daughter – You're awesome! My dad accepts my hair as much as he can but still pleads for me to go natural. Check out more pictures on my page, you'll see for his reception speech he donned his own pink wig!!!

    Oh and for those wondering the colour is Manic Panic's Hot Hot Pink!

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