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October 20 2014 | mswolfgang  
Photos by: JayLee Photography
Hugs by Lake Union
Photos by JayLee Photography

As a bit of playful revenge for having to wear a natural-colored wig at her maid of honor's wedding, Dani had her wedding party (including the bridesman) rock hot-pink wigs to match her hair. The wedding party nailed the look, even though it looks like it was a super windy day! Dani and Rob got married at Gas Works Park in Seattle last July, and you'll find that delicious hot pink everywhere in their photos: bowties, guests' shoes, feathery bouquets, and all over the reception.

Be on the lookout for his-and-hers motorcycles, a drinks menu named after their bikes, and custom sunglasses for all. (AND, if you really want to know, it looks like Dani's hair color is Special Effects Atomic Pink. I speak from experience when I say that is an awesome shade.)

Pink sunglasses

Special Effects pink

Bride with hot pink hair getting ready

Let's here some from the couple themselves:

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: When my maid of honor got married two years ago, she nervously asked me to wear a wig to cover my trademark bright-ass-pink hair, which wouldn't mesh well with her vision of her wedding photos. I happily obliged, but jokingly promised that I would make her wear a wig to my wedding some day. Then I got engaged, and decided that that was exactly what I wanted: all of my bridesmaids (and my bridesdude) reppin' team Dani with hair as fabulous as mine. So we went dress shopping, then wig shopping, and I realized that I've got the greatest group of friends a girl could ask for.

The pink didn't stop there, of course. My fabulous husband graciously agreed when I asked if we could base our wedding colors off of our hair colors: pink and gray! And then he let me DIY my heart out and put pinkness anywhere and everywhere I wanted.

Groom and beer

Bridesmaid with pink wig I

Lacing up the dress

Bridesmaid with pink wig II

Pink hair goes well with pink lipstick

Tell us about the ceremony:
We kept our ceremony very short. It was performed by my coworker and dear friend (and true goddess of all things Kindergarten!), Greta. She helped us craft a ceremony that was deeply representative of us, and imbued it with such love and grace. We only had one reading, and decided to go with one that would lighten the mood and appeal to our very nerdy sides: "Scientific Romance," by Tim Pratt. We were terrified that the bridesmaids would all lose their wigs, as Gasworks Park is incredibly windy. With the magic of bobby pins, no wigs moved, but my veil did fly off about a minute into the ceremony. Luckily it was caught, and safely held, by a guest.

Groom getting ready

First look

First look kiss

That sky though

My favorite moment:
For me, the most meaningful moments were those times that I realized how much everyone had given to help me have the wedding of my dreams. My bridesmaids, who showed up first thing in the morning to set up the reception hall with the endless boxes of decorations that they'd help me make over the months. My dad, who arrived before I did to start working and didn't leave until after midnight because he knew it needed to get done. My kindergarteners, who spent part of the last week of school making papier mache lanterns to decorate the reception hall. One family in particular gifted me Barbie and Ken dolls altered to look like Rob and I, and hand-painted mini replicas of our motorcycles, which ended up being our cake toppers.

Rob's groomsmen, who didn't realize they were recruited to do so much work until they showed up. Our guests, who wholeheartedly showered their love and good-wishes upon us with their ribbon wands, while rocking the "Rob & Dani" sunglasses that we gave as favors. Our vendors, who worked tirelessly to make this wedding a success. Most of all, Rob. He understood that the little details like centerpieces were a big deal to me, and supported me completely in bringing my vision to life. And more importantly, he actually married me at the end of it all, and that's what truly matters!

All the pink hair

So much pink walking through the park

Ceremony in Seattle

Flower girls waving as they walk up the aisle

Pink hair, pink tie, pink wig

Big smiles during the ceremony

Smiling at so much pink

First kiss as husband and wife


What was the most important lesson you learned from your wedding?
I learned that I set expectations for myself that are unrealistically high. I got married on the last week of school, planned a seven-week honeymoon to start the following day, with only a nine-month engagement during which I was working on my National Boards (an incredibly time-consuming certification process for experienced teachers). And I wanted to DIY every detail. I couldn't. There were so many ideas that I had that I ran out of time for. There were so many projects that I couldn't afford. There were so many nights that I had to give in and just sleep! And that's okay. At first, I thought that I'd let myself down. In time, I've come to realize that I've always placed way too high of expectations on my time and myself, and my wedding was basically the pinnacle of that. But that's okay, because that's what drives and motivates me.

On a bus

Reception head butts

Bride and groom bikes

Both of us ride motorcycles, and from when I was a little girl, I envisioned riding off into the sunset on "Just Married" motorcycles with a veil flowing from my helmet. Sadly, that turned out to be unrealistic (what with the danger of the gigantic dress getting caught in the wheels, the drinking that would happen throughout the day, and of course the inevitable helmet hair ruining everything). So instead we parked our bikes at the reception venue with a "Just Married" bunting strung between them, and settled for some fabulous photos.

Drinks modeled after the couples bikes

Henna, sparkly nails, and freckles

Rob + Dani sunglasses

Pinkhaired bride and groom

Still hot pink at the end of the night


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  1. Holy dream wedding, Batman!

    I know this is photographer submitted, but in case the couple comes along … I'd love to know more about getting married at Gas Works! Were there any specific challenges you ran into? How did the logistics work? Any advice for someone wanting to follow in your shoes?

    • Dani+Rob's photogs here. We're sure she'll cover it more thoroughly over at the OBBT but we can relay some of the stuff they mentioned to us through the process. There's a whole thing about getting the permit (you have to wait until the calendar year of your wedding to apply, so for 2015 the earliest you could get it would be 1/1/15) but they only have one wedding a day, which is nice. D+R trucked in the chairs themselves. We were really surprised how generally isolated and uninterrupted the ceremony went off (it was a gloomy day, though, so the park wasn't bananas busy) and as you can see above, the location they chose makes for some pretty prime photos.

      Overall, for a city park wedding it was shockingly breezy and laid back, logistically.

    • Gas Works was a fantastic venue. So beautiful, and so quintessentially Seattle. As Josh+Ali mentioned, you have to get the permit on the first of the year. People show up hours before they open that day to get their wedding date. We intended to do that, but over-indulged for New Years, forgot about it until the 3rd, and completely lucked out that our date wasn't taken yet!

      You do need to bring in chairs, but it is easy to pull the truck in to load/unload. Obviously with a park wedding, there is no booze, so our reception was elsewhere. Parking is ample at Gas Works, but so is wind! We had the good fortune of a rainy day that cleared up just in time for the wedding, so the park was pretty empty, but I'm sure you know how busy it can get. Seattle Parks Dept was easy (and so cheap!) to work with.

  2. I love this wedding (and I don't like pink or motorbikes).
    I really love the write up and how the bride was so thankful for her wedding party and guests. I think that's all that is needed. The couple got the wedding they wanted and everyone else felt appreciated. Weddings like this really debunk the idea weddings based on the couples personalities are selfish.

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