Fill a cake with goodies to make it a piñata cake

March 13 2013 | bijouxandbits  
Photos by: A Subtle Revelry
Photo used with permission from A Subtle Revelry
Photo used with permission from A Subtle Revelry

A big ball of cake filled with candy?! What the hell else could this be but a PIÑATA CAKE! It's a cake with more goodies inside of it. Wouldn't this look fab on a sweets table (and like tons of work went into it)? It doesn't even seem that hard to make since you bake it before you cut it and fill it up.

Photo used with permission from A Subtle Revelry

You'll need to bake the cake in an oven-safe bowl, carve it up as shown, fill it with goodies, reassemble, and cover with frosting to seal. There are more detailed directions and more photos over at A Subtle Revelry. Check it out and then you MUST share if you end up making this.

  1. I think I would enjoy it at a wedding if there was one person designated to cut the cake slices. Otherwise people would be dipping their hands inside to take out pieces of candy, accidentally touching the cake. Which would make my inner Sheldon Cooper feel icked out

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  2. Harder than it looks! I'm trying this today. When I frosted the bottom half, the weight of the frosting totally tore the bottom part of the cake apart. The finished product may end up more of a dome. Oh well. It's not as easy as it looks.

    • Newb take on the Pinata cake is finished!
      My sister in law is candy crazy, so this one is for her. It turned out more like a dome than like a ball, but it's confetti cake with chocolate icing and lots of sprinkles, so it's all good.

      2013-03-16 16.15.08

      • NAILED IT! 😉

        (…just teasing. I would shovel that dome in my mouth hole, and dribble the little candies out the sides of my mouth. I love that you did this!)

  3. I'm having a pinata cake for the top of my wedding cupcake tower. The best part is that it's a surprise. Cut the cake and a M&M avalanche will shock my groom. Muahaha!

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