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Last week I told you all about how my Offbeat Mama editor, Stephanie, is a wedding photographer in Alabama. This week, I'm going to talk to you about how the two editors in the Offbeat Bride LA Office do double-duty as wedding photographers in California.

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet wedding

Megan and Coco, the two shooters of MFP
So, Megan (Offbeat Bride's managing editor) started the aptly named Megan Finley Photography last year, and then hired Coco (Offbeat Bride's current intern) as her second shooter. This means that when you book MFP to shoot your wedding you get TWO offbeat editors showing up on your wedding day. (Hell, for all you know I might crash the wedding and start photo bombing.)

When I say Megan and Coco are “affordable,” what I actually mean is “I've had conversations with Megan about how she needs to increase her rates because she's selling herself short.” Her rates are designed with Offbeat Bride budgets in mind, and seriously: if you're in California and you're not taking advantage (and I DO think it's quite literally taking advantage, but that's between Megan and her therapist) of MFP's pricing, you're basically crazy.

Djinnaya & Jason's wedding of WINNING

Megan and Coco are digital photography nerds, and so they make sure you get all the digital negatives of edited, high resolution photos — as many as are fit to print, no limit to the number of photos, and no extras to drive up the prices. Basically, they take the pictures and then you own 'em. The end. No weird finagling over prints or prices.

Katie & Aaron's Oceanside wedding

Oh, and did I mention that these two ladies travel all over California? Half the time I'm all, “Dudes, could someone do this thing for the website?” and I get dueling iPhone responses that are like, “Sorry we're currently driving across the state to shoot a purple-dressed wedding in San Francisco.” And I'm all, “Damn you OBBs for hiring my editors to shoot your weddings!” But then I forgive y'all cuz, you know, it's cool.

the first kiss!

Megan and Coco don't have any set poses. As Megan says, “We'd rather capture your actual behaviors and the moment then put you into pre-determined wedding positions… like freaking robots.”

Danelle & Jason's Tiki Wedding

And of course, if they're working for me … you know they're freaks. As Megan says, “Don't hire us if you don't want your photographers dancing at your wedding, because we WILL dance and we WILL have fun.”

Megan, getting down at your wedding

Oh and PS: as if I wasn't already worried about Megan undervaluing herself she offers $100 off her already ridonkulous prices to Offbeat Bride Tribe members who send her a link to their profile. So go book that shit up, girls!

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  1. I would love to get info on how I can book Megan and Coco for my upcoming wedding. No contact info is available on their website.

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