Amber’s photobooth Save The Date cards

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How much do I love these Save the date cards?!

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  1. Those are very original…I love them! It gave me the idea that the ones I’d just created would look better with our picture in black and white…so thanks!

  2. VERY CUTE! My husband and I did the same idea to announce that we had eloped and to invite our guests to a reception to celebrate. The card said “Finally!” on the front. It opened to us holding cards in a booth that said we/ did /it/…(us kissing in the last frame). Then the next fold gave away the details. Since we had dated for 10 years the finally was quite appropriate! I love photo booths and wish I would have rented one to have at our reception!

  3. I love this idea!!! We have been looking for a creative way to do ours! So I was wondering how exactly did you do these???

  4. I did this save the date idea after seeing online by another couple. I think that theese folks did a much better job with the lettering, we just used newspaper and black marker (what we thought one might find at a photo booth). We took the pics at home in front of a faux-velvet curtain and cropped to fit the fight frame. We printed at home on thick photo paper and mailed them out. They were a huge hit and everyone has loved them.

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