Print photos of your lost loved ones for your memorial candles

Updated Mar 15 2021
Jodi and Mark A Wedding day-9322
Photo by Matthew Turner

Lighting memorial candles during your ceremony is a great way to honor those you want to remember. Jodi and Mark printed photos to wrap around tall jar candles for a pretty stunning effect. Plus the jar candles are a little less likely to blow out from wind, and won't have you standing there awkwardly trying to light them.

Just don't forget your hankie.

  1. LOVE this! I lost my mother 6 years ago and a close aunt 1 month ago… This is a wonderful way to have them involved in our ceremony!

  2. For some reason, there's just something creepy in this for me. I think I tend to be uncomfortable when faces crop up in unexpected places. They belong on people and statues and photos. Elsewhere, I find them unsettling.

  3. I love this. We are looking to incorporate fire into our ceremony and couldn't figure out how. I think this is a wonderful way to do it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. Very nice. I've also been looking for a way to incorporate/remember some loved ones who aren't with us anymore, and I love this idea.

  5. My uncle did something like this recently for his wedding in memory of my mom and grandmother, and it meant so much to our family. For my upcoming wedding, instead of doing this I decided to create a "In Loving Memory" portion to our wedsite with quick bios of the ones we wish could be there. Either way, honoring those who would've been there had they could is always beautiful. Great post!

  6. Wow what a lovely way to include those that have passed away! My grandad recently died, and my partners mother is gone and I had no idea how to honour their memory during our wedding….this is subtle and yet very effective!I will definitely be giving it a go for our day!!!

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