Mike Olbinski: the storm-chasing Arizona photographer who will chase down your wedding

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The moment I found out about Phoenix wedding photographer Mike Olbinski‘s unique hobby, I thought now THIS is a photographer for Offbeat Brides! So if you're looking for a wedding photographer who welcomes all wedding adventures AND captures stunning photos, then Mike Olbinski is the perfect match for you.

Keep reading to see how Mike turns every shoot into an adventure, somehow managing to make even a sewer look glamorous.

Would you believe that the same photographer that takes dreamy images like this sun-drenched, butt-loving wedding photo, spends his free time STORM CHASING!? My favorite part about his website is the shockingly beautiful mixture of wedding and weather photography — fabric bolts and lighting!

This sense of adventure permeates Mike's work. Say you're the kind of couple that thinks, “Hey, let's jump in that ski lift in our wedding clothes and take photos!” Mike's the photographer that's going to go, “Hell yeah, I'm not even going to worry about the fact that I could fall while taking photos and balancing on a dangerous moving chair high up in the sky — let's do it.” And then rock the adorableness you see pictured above.

Aside from his fearless attitude, my favorite thing about Mike is the unique film-like processing that he does. Somehow he can make wedding portraits taken in some kind of sewer look glamorous, and the grainy film look just adds to the “badass bride and her ladies” feel. And Mike sure loves him some badass brides:

I love Offbeat Brides because theirs is the kind of wedding I want to photograph. I like something different and unique that forces my photography juices to go on hyperdrive.

Got any crazy ideas to get Mike's creative photography juices going? An engagement shoot in an old airplane museum? Sky diving wedding announcements? A romantic wedding portrait session in the middle of a rain storm? Mike's based in Phoenix, Arizona, but he's available to travel anywhere. Get in touch with Mike Olbinksi and unleash your wedding adventure's photographic potential!

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  1. I’m so happy that I moved outta Phoenix for the sake of my own sanity… but if my fiancé and I were still there, I would totally look this guy up for our wedding!

    • Hey, I love destination weddings too! 🙂

      But I agree, I almost moved from Phoenix a few years ago…likely will sometime far down the road. So crazy hot!


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