Creative, fearless, possibly tattooed couples wanted for Philadelphia-based Allebach Photography

Updated Oct 12 2015
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You may remember Philadelphia based Allebach Photography from when we profiled them the last time.

I will always remember them because the first picture in this post is, to this day, one of my favorite wedding detail shots of all time.

Well, they're back with yet another deal for OBBs, and they gave me free reign to share my favorite recent shots…

Allebach photography can master awesome posed shots and make them look like art. But it's shots like the one above that is what makes them incredible. Snapping that exact moment when about-to-be-married couples see each other for the first time. If you choose to do it, that moment is priceless — and so is this shot.

Allebach Photography has also STUNNED me recently with their engagement shoots. I mean, take a freaking look at this photo. Shayna and Ben are both artists, and when mention to the idea that they wanted to paint each other for their engagement photos, Allebach Photography took the idea and ran with it. The results are IN_FUCKING_CREDIBLE.

So, what makes an Allebach Photography couple? Well, by now you might be recognizing a theme of awesome, creative, possibly tattooed, fearless couples, right? But I like how Michael Allebach put it…

Our clients are expressive and genuine. Many of our couples are tattooed — but that is only the beginning. Our clients bring pieces of themselves into their engagement session and wedding. We don't do cookie cutter and neither do they. Our events are a mix of the alternative, traditional (where it makes sense), and a lot of personality.
Hey look! It's Mike Allebach with two of his lucky clients!

Offbeat Discount: Allebach Photography is offering Offbeat readers a $250 discount plus tattooed brides always get a tattooed bride discount ($250).

Seriously, click here to get the best wedding photos EVAR.

  1. It's great to see a couple so unique, yet stunning and elegant as well. And the pictures are fantastic.

  2. Awww, this makes me sad! I sent in a query on their contact form and never heard anything back. Write me! I promise I'm lucid!

  3. I love the photos of the groom with the chops and his gorgeously tattooed, pinup girl bride. Her reaction to seeing him is priceless. Beautiful photographs.

  4. I contacted them…While they have amazing photography, they are WAY out of our price range. I didn't ask about any "offbeat bride" discounts though. Im in the same state as them

  5. I have them booked for my wedding! Can't wait! This was the one big splurge. The photos are all we will have in 20 years, so I want them to be fabulous.

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