New awesomeness from Philadelphia wedding photographer Allebach Photography

Updated Oct 12 2015
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So, you guys remember Philadelphia wedding photographer Allebach Photography, from when we profiled them back in April? Or when they shared advice about negotiating with wedding photographers? Perhaps you recall their incredible series of tattooed brides on their blog dedicated to philadelphia wedding photography?

Well, the Allebach is back with some kick-ass wedding photos to share and an awesome promotion for Offbeat Brides that involves free Chucks. Before we get to the promo, let's enjoy some Allebach wedding porn together, shall we?


Some of you may remember how well Allebach Photography capture the sweet and silly side of weddings…


This couple chose not to see each other before the wedding, but Allebach Photography still managed to get an awesome photo of them "together."
How many awesome offbeat trends can you spot in this photo!?

So, the husband and wife team of Mike & Rachel Allebach have this new promotion that's sure to get the offbeat brides and grooms of Philadelphia, PA excited…

Allebach Photography Fall 2009 OBB promotion:
Free pair of custom chucks + 1 free hour of coverage when you book your 2010 wedding between now and October 31, 2009!

To get in on the action:

Be sure to tell 'em you found 'em on Offbeat Bride!

And then get ready to be just like this hottie, lacing up her chucks getting ready for an awesome wedding captured by folks that truly grok offbeat needs:

Want even more Allebach wedding porn? You know where to go!

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