Award winning (and naked!) photos from Philadelphia wedding photographers JPG Photography

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Allow us to introduce you to Philadelphia wedding photographer JPG Photography. This may be the first you'll see of JPG photography on OBB, but it won't be the last. Photographer Joseph Gidjunis is going to be showing us some of his favorite offbeat weddings starting with the wedding of Kim and Nate. Or as it's become fondly become known — the naked biker wedding!

Keep reading to see some more JPG Photography wedding porn from Kim and Nate's Philadelphia wedding…

Philadelphia based JPG Photography encourages independent brides and grooms to be feel at ease and themselves by ditching the cheesy, and encouraging the unique. Much like this creative shot of the groom getting ready.

And then there's always the bride getting ready shot. But look how adorable this shot is!! I die over the sweetness. Oh, but the JPG Photography porn gets better. Wanna see my favorite shoe shot…

Just freaking look at those colors. It's like they don't even know how to take a boring shot. Even details shots are full of personality. Which is probably why they're constantly winning awards.

You can book JPG Photography's award winning services starting at $2,500. And I bet I know what wins them those awards. Because when Joe looks up from a portrait shoot at an art gallery to see hundreds of naked bikers, he wastes no time getting his bride and groom in on the action.

JPG Photography assured me that naked bikers are only the beginning of the crazy moments they've captured. They travel all over the place, namely Philadelphia, DC, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. So you East Coasters click here to make sure you capture the best moments of your story.

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  1. WHYYYYYYYYYY are you just now featuring them after I’ve already gotten and booked a photographer 🙁

    They look awesome and wish google search would have populated them!

  2. Haha, I’m very amused by the naked bike ride, but even more amused that a few of the people have been censored by MS Paint undies.

  3. Joe just shot my husband and my wedding a few weeks ago, and he’s not just AMAZINGLY creative, but also professional and full of personality. We both highly recommend JPG photography. I can’t wait to see the finished pictures!

  4. I luuurrrv journalistic photography! I totally have “Fat Bottom Girls” playing in my head now!

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