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We first introduced you to JPG Photography a couple months back, and now Philadelphia wedding photographer Joseph Gidjunis is back with some more highlights from one of his recent offbeat weddings.

This time it's a wedding shot by Joseph Gidjunis‘s studio manager and lead associate, AshleyJess and Victor’s tattooed, vintage, punk wedding at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Philadelphia. Sounds like a ridonkulously cool combination? You have NO idea…

The wedding of Jess and Victor was filled with ancient artifacts, tattoos, a fabulously punky theme, and an adorably drastic height difference. We could do a groom's gear post about Victor sharp-as-all-get-out outfit. I mean, we're talkin' three piece tan and baby blue plaid suit! And JPG Photography captured it all…

Of course, style-wise, I'm squeeing my ass off at Jess' short cupcake dress and high wedge heels! There is a serious lack of short wedding dress brides out there, especially with how amazing Jess looks. Speaking of amazing, did I mention that Jess is an offbeat mama bride as well? Their one year old son was in attendance, wearing tiny Converse to match his dads! (Awwwww!)

Ooh and you guys are going to LOVE this… The guests returned from their cocktail hour to find a big white door covered in keys; each key had a name and a table number on it. What a fantastic vintage touch!

From the looks of these awesome shots, it's obvious that JPG Photography rocks the offbeat Philly weddings something fierce. So, it's no wonder that they came in third in the Philly Hot List. (I think the photo above belongs on Philly's Hot List if ya catch my drift … wink-wink-nudge-nudge.)

A shot like this is totally priceless. Of course, if you wanna talk price… JPG Photography‘s bookings start at $3000. You don't even need to be in Philadelphia proper to take advantage of their awesomeness — JPG Photography will travel to DC, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, NY, Boston, Aruba and Beyond!

So, if you guys want to get in on the hot Philly wedding photography action like Jess and Victor here did, then you know what to do!

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