This gay wedding at a children’s museum wins the internet today

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 | Photography by BeauMonde Originals

Daniel and Sauce were the first LGBTQ wedding at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. And let me tell you, their adorableness combined with that epic venue means this wedding will not disappoint. I had a perma-smile the entire time I looked at these photos. Daniel and Sauce are magnetic with their obvious love, match-y glasses, bow ties, and suspenders, and infectious laughter.

I'm jealous of photographers BeauMonde Originals for getting a first-hand view of these shenanigans. Between the carousel, photo booth-style cutouts, backdrops, and toys at the museum, I'm sure there was never a moment that didn't need photographic proof. There's even a fantastic video to start you off:

Sweet little invites from Michael's (and printed at home!)
These Philly skyline love brooches were made by Etsy seller Curiouscatfish.

The floral suspenders and bow ties were from Etsy seller Zebraduck.

The bird cake topper was from Etsy seller Sweetshelbys, and the cake stand was crafted by Sauce's dad with a vintage cake plate, candlestick, and epoxy.


The awesome vendors:


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  1. That is so sweet my dentist is going to have a panic attack the next time she ses me.

  2. This wedding was just AMAZING! I love everything about it from the floral suspenders to the OMG dancing in front of a freaking carousel!!! Thank you so much for sharing this. The laughter and smiles in the pictures warmed my heart and I hope my wedding is half as awesome-sauce as this!

  3. Aaaaaagggghhhh these pictures totally made me cry with joy. That picture of the grooms kissing on the carousel…I lost it! Just too wonderful! So much love, so much happiness, so much sweetness, so genuine…huge congrats to the handsome couple! You did it!!!

    (still sniffling…It’s possible I’m at my looking-at-wedding-pics cutoff, being a mere 2 weeks away from my own)

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