Vintage flasks, custom razors, and secret spy cufflinks: The Man Registry offers awesome personalized gifts for the dudes

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man registryWhen it came time to plan their own weddings, the three founders of our sponsor The Man Registry noticed a significant void in the wedding industry… As we all know, there were plenty of sites, blogs and registries that seemed to exclusively target the bride, while there wasn't much out in the way of resources for the groom.

You know how much we love stories of engaged peeps who get proactive about their wedding woes. This is one of those stories: Two brothers and their future brother-in-law put their heads together and launched the web's first dude-centric online wedding registry (hence the dude-centric name of the site).

In the six years since the launch, The Man Registry has grown: the site features a variety of articles and checklists aimed at prepping grooms for the big day. But The Man Registry also features one of the most awesome personalized gift shops — full of custom gift ideas for your best men, your groomsmen, your ushers — and even your groomsgals and best women.

As a non-dude, I know for a fact that I would love to receive any of these (as, let's be honest, most of them have to do with drinking)…

Personalized Vintage Glass Mustache FlasksHow top-notch are these Personalized Vintage Glass Mustache Flasks with the old-fashioned swing top? Perfect for eco water bottles or for nips of alcohol come wedding day. And they can be personalized with everyone's initials at no extra cost.

Maple Burl Mach3 Razor

No doubt, these are sexy. These hand-crafted Maple Burl Razors will fit the Gillette® Mach3® razor head, and much like your groomsmen, every piece of wood is different — so no two pieces will be exactly the same. You can also engrave these with one line of text at no additional cost.

Chalkboard Beer MugSing it with me now: Chalk board beer mug. Clap. Clap. Clap clap clap. Gift one of these bad boys to everyone in your wedding party… Like toasting flutes, but for everyone!

Personalized Secret Agent Hidden Message CufflinksI've featured these secret message cufflinks once before as an awesome way to surprise your groom by sticking a sweet love note inside of them. How fun would it be for all your groomspeeps to get with special messages of thanks inside each one? D'aww. Plus, everyone loves feeling like a bad-ass (and well-thanked) secret agent.

Custom Home Brewery Chalkboard SignThere are hundreds more personalized gifts for all the dudes and dudettes in your wedding party — home bar gifts, grilling and foodie gifts, game room accessories — and you can get them all at a special discount.

The Man Registry is offering our readers 10% off any order placed for one year — June 3, 2014 – June 3, 2015. Just enter the code OBB10 at checkout.

Plus there's free shipping on all orders over $149. That means The Man Registry gives a discount, and hooks you up with free shipping, while you get to thank all your groomspeeps in the most awesomely personalized way possible.

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  1. this. is. awesome.

    Are there any shipping restrictions (I’m thinking international)?

    • Kimberly from The Man Registry here. We certainly do ship internationally. You can use the Contact Us portion of our site to send us your address and the products you’d be interested in ordering. From there, we’ll let you know the shipping costs and timeframe to arrive. Thanks for your interest!

      • Thanks for getting back! I’ll take a deeper look around the site when I get the opportunity. 🙂

  2. wow i love this product it so cool, you have persoanlized shot glass product i am interested in buying thin product if you have then please let me know.

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