Write letters to your guests that serve as a wedding favor

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Makenna and Yvonne wrote a personal letter to each person who came to their wedding, which turned into their wedding favor. It may take a little more time (especially if you've got a larger guest list), but the personal touch and cost savings are super tempting. Plus, you could label each one, and voila: instant place card!

Now, getting that adorable mail slot-style setup? That may take a little more hunting.

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Comments on Write letters to your guests that serve as a wedding favor

  1. I’ve thought of doing this myself! It would be such a lovely, personal touch. As far as favors go, this is among the nicest ideas I’ve seen.

  2. Our wedding was tarot themed and I did an individual tarot reading for each guest. The envelope contained a single card and an individual reading printed on parchment paper (the parchment meant it wasn’t cheap).

    We also used the envelopes as placecards. We didn’t have a fancy mailbox, just laid them out in alphabetical order on the table where placecards would have been expected anyway.

    It was very successful! People loved them.

  3. We did this, or something very like! We wrote letters to each of our guests on stationary decorated with antique teacups and handed the matching one to each person with a hug as they left our afternoon wedding tea. It turned into a reverse-receiving line as the party broke up. (Receding line?) This had two effects that we did not foresee: 1) it didn’t have the pressure or formality of a real receiving line because we didn’t officially arrange for it to happen, and 2) it ended the party gently and coherently, within the time limit of our restaurant venue. Yay! And everyone appreciated the letters, too. 🙂

    • Ah! I had such a difficult time trying to figure out how to gently tell our families to leave! This makes so much sense and seems so wonderfully gentle and loving 🙂

  4. Is anyone else having trouble with the highlighted link to the photo album at the bottom of the article?

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