Kelly Morgen jewelry is not your typical wedding jewelry find. She makes every single piece, from her jewelry to her crowns, completely by hand from precious metals and natural gemstones. Also every piece of this sponsor's collection tells a specific story from the world's many mythologies and legends, celebrating goddesses from all cultures! Each one helps to remember and to express an inner quality, like wisdom (Athena), strength (Diana), or love (Aphrodite).

I think of her necklaces as, not only awesome statement pieces for your wedding day, but thoughtful bridesmaid gifts as well! Keep reading to see what I'm getting at…

What I love about Kelly Morgen jewelry is that almost all of her pieces have symbolic meanings. Whether wearing them or giving them as gifts, it's clear that a lot of thought was put into the choice.

Her Goddess necklaces would be amazing choices for brides who are feeling a little less-than-confident about being the center of attention. I bet wearing the Gaia necklace (Gaia being the great goddess of Mother Earth) around your neck and close to your heart will remind you to be all the woman you can be on your freaking wedding day. Or what about the Aphrodite necklace (Goddess of Love) to remind you of what your wedding day is all about? I've also been watching a lot of Medieval and Rennaissance period pieces lately, so the Gweneviere necklace is really calling to me.

Another awesome aspect to Kelly Morgen's jewelry is that both sides of her necklaces are equally gorgeous. Her Nature Spirit necklaces (shown above, front and back) would make amazing gifts for each of your bridesmaids. (Don't tell Coco, but I'm thinking that this Spirit of the Cat necklace just might be her birthday gift.) Ooh, this one would also be the perfect accessory for your faery wedding.

Speaking of faery weddings, can you believe this Elven Flower crown? It looks like a prop straight out of the Lord of the Rings! I'm just saying that if someone got me any one of Kelly Morgen's crowns I would wear it all day long as I wrote posts for Offbeat Bride… like a boss… like an Elven boss.

Kelly Morgen also does custom work, and would be thrilled to provide each of you with your own jewelry with a story to tell — either from her own collection, or your imagination. And she's offering free shipping on any order! I mean, there are so many amazing pieces to discover (initial pendants, mermaid necklaces, even incredible rings) I'm positive that you could either find a gift for all of the women in your life OR find that one piece of wedding jewelry goodness that your ensemble is missing. Go explore! Tell me what you found — and then buy me something, too.

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Comments on Bring out your inner goddess with Kelly Morgen Jewelry

  1. Oh my goodness. These are fantastic! Unfortunately, they are very much out of my price range at present, but I will try to save up to get one for myself as a graduation present!

  2. I was having trouble finding a wedding necklace that I really loved…and then I saw the Persephone necklace. Those are beautiful, thank you for sharing. Now to have a long inner dialogue about spending the monies…

    • I would love to make you a special Persephone necklace! Feel free to write me with any questions or thoughts you have… All my brides have been really happy with their goddess necklaces, since they can wear them the rest of the year, too. 🙂

  3. Woah. I’m sensing a lot of Mists of Avalon here, and it’s blowing my mind. If only her items didn’t cost as much as my entire catering budget. *cries* 🙁

    Someday, when I hit the mega millions jackpot, I’ll have to buy every. single. piece.

  4. LOVE Kelly Morgen!! I ordered a necklace from her two years ago, and while an investment, it’s probably one of the most sturdy and well crafted pieces of jewelry that I have and I know it will last forever.

    • Thank you for the compliment! I’m a total perfectionist about my hand-crafting, since I want my pieces to last forever, so I really appreciate your words.

  5. OMG! One of these would SO be my main piece of wedding jewelry, if I could only afford it!
    I’ll have to get one eventually, also for the fact that mythology, especially Greek, is quite a fascination for my fiance! He would LOVE it!

  6. Maybe I’m being fussy, but it kinda bugs me that some of the pieces are modified Mucha pieces, which I suppose wouldn’t bug me if it weren’t for the fact that the inspiration wasn’t mentioned.

    • Yes, Alphonse Mucha is one of my greatest influences, and of course, my favorite artist of all time! Art Nouveau is the style of my jewelry, which I mention in my website, and while I don’t directly credit Mucha (he was an artist before copyright was invented, so all his images are available to the public), I talk about him all the time and make sure my clients are familiar with his work. Nice job seeing the influence! Kelly

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