Wanna see the nerdiest seating chart ever? Check it out…


This piece of geekery was made for Marisa and Patrick's nerdy Pi day wedding, held in a museum of science — how perfect is that for a seating chart!?

Then each table was marked with a piece of the periodic table of elements…

Table marker

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Comments on Periodic table seating chart

  1. This is totally nerd-awesomeness! I’m getting married on Pi Day next year (ya it’s a Monday, who cares) and find this totally inspiring–wish I thought of that! Would it be awful to copy the idea?

  2. @Sarah – Great minds think alike!
    @Melissa – Go right ahead! Congratulations and good luck!

  3. This is such a fun, geeky project. I may just have to steal it for my own wedding. ;-P

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