Bedazzled Penis Popsicles for your bachelorette party

Updated Oct 12 2015

tasha with popsicleWe totally respect that not everyone is into the whole "penis-themed bachelorette party" thang — but what if they're vegan penises?! Tasha, aka The Sweetest Vegan, made a recipe video for Bedazzled Penis Popsicles.

Why are we teasing you with chocolate covered penis popsicles? Because we think it could make for a really fun bachelorette party activity. Everyone can dip bananas in chocolate, then decorate them, and slurp 'em up. (Have I completely violated everyone yet?) Plus you'll get to say adorable things like Tasha's "Oh my gosh, black diamonds on a D!"

If you want to get your frozen delicious bedazzled penis pop on, watch this totally adorable and surprisingly safe-for-work video…

Of course, as Ariel pointed in the Offbeat Bride book… if you're into making/eating penis food, you should NOT feel limited to doing so at bachelorette parties. PENIS FOOD FOR EVERY DAY!

  1. She is sooo funny! "If you need another complection you can use peanut butter or white chocolate." HA! I laughed out loud!! Going to go check out her other videos now!

    • RIGHT!? We were DYING when we watched this. Tasha is adorable, and we're going to be featuring a LOT more of her over on Offbeat Home — so keep an eye out. Though there will probably be a lot less S-ing D references. 😉

  2. Not to nit pick, but isn't this supposed to be vegan? Vegans don't eat chocolate, cuz it has milk. Is this vegan chocolate?

    • I don't think it was mentioned as being vegan chocolate, but I think this could easily be made with regular or vegan chocolate

  3. Sod bachelorette parties, I'm getting the girls round! Possibly the boys too, if I'm feeling really evil 😉

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