It’s peanut butter jelly wedding time!

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Thanks to OBT member Ellabean for both finding and sharing this super creative cake topper from Bee Mine Designs


Ellabean sez:

“We wanted to have our son represented on the cake topper with us, because we believe this is as much his day as it is ours. I asked the lady who made the [cake topper] we liked and asked her to make a Little Swirl toddler.”

What a super [chunky] cute way of repping your little one on the cake topper! And I love that the designer totally took on the challenge and came up with the cutest little swirly jar kid EVAR. I just wanna eat 'em up. 😉

Also check out Bee Mine Designs on Etsy for more creative cake toppers AND ho'ma'gawd adorable invitations

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