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peacock shoes
I did a post about peacock shoes last year, but I know y'all are super into the feather-y goodness, and I don't want to peacock-block your enjoying of a good shoe collection… so let's take a look at the latest peacock offerings.

Some of these feature actual peacock feathers, others feature shades of peacock blue, a few just take design inspiration from the noble bird, and one is purple and just sort of insane.

As always, click the shoes to learn more!

Proudly Posh Heel from ModCloth

Proudly Posh Heel in Mint from ModCloth

Nine West Dig Platform Sandal


Iridescence Peacock Platform High Heeled Shoes

Grey Peacock Feather Tights - Plus Size from ModCloth

Random bonus shoe

Unicorn Princess Heel in Vanilla from ModCloth

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  1. ARGH the purple ones with the teal bow! I would fall and die! But ARGH!


  2. I am posting to share my absolute, intense love of these shoes, and in hopes that more people will post more awesome peacock shoes links so I can drool forever until the end of time!

  3. Love the shoes and all, but my favorite bit of this post was “peacock-block”. Ariel, I love you.

    • Daysy, just click the shoe. It links to the store where you can buy it.

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