holder wedding.For those of you seeking out alternatives to the traditional floral bouquet, check out Rachel's fabulous peacock feather bouquet.

The peacock theme continued on the wedding cake, too.

It's worth checking out all the photos from this lovely weddingthis one is my favorite, although I'm also quite fond of this one of the wedding party and the adorable flower girls.

(Thanks to maggiemacphoto for the photo!)

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Comments on Peacock feather bouquet

  1. I had a peacock feather bouquet as well, and it was soo much cheaper than flowers… and I just found out an interesting fact! The peacock was a symbol of Hera, the greek goddess married to Zeus, who herself represented Marriage. Wish I knew that before my wedding, as the peacock feathers were a large part of the decor.

  2. cute, cute, cute! i love alternatives to the norm! ive also seen paper flowers and REALLY cool wooden flowers that are shaved so thin and painted to intricatley that they look like something out of a fairy tale! fun stuff!

  3. rockin’ photo, maggie! I had a boudoir client who is using peacock feathers as a theme for her upcoming wedding… let’s just say peacock + cheetah print lingerie = rawr.

  4. Great pictures! I love the look of people gathering in the wooden area like that makes it look so natural. I love the fact the girls all wore flip flops and look very comfortable wearing what they picked to wear. Cake looks very cool with the feathers! Congrats to the couple!

  5. Does anyone know where her bouquet is from? I have been looking all over for peacock feather bouquets like that one!

  6. her sister made the bouquet…a lot of the things for this wedding were homemade…2 ladies from our church made the cakes & lots of families contributed food & things. her cousin’s band played the reception along with my fiance’ & another of our friends. also, my future sister-in-law (the bridesmaid with red hair) made her skirt and the other gray skirt.

    this wedding was very much DIY. =)

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