Paying homage to your pets when they have to be MIA on your wedding day

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Our cat, Fetus, is a big part of our lives and we'd like to find a way to incorporate him into our wedding, even if he can't physically be there.

I'd love to hear how other Offbeat Brides are paying homage to their pets!


First of all, Fetus is an AMAZING name for a cat! Okay, now on to the ideas… Of course the best way to incorporate your fur baby (or babies) is to bring them! We love weddings where the couple's dogs are the “flower beast.” But if you can't bring your pet to your venue, here are a few ways to make their presence felt…

Mike and Katie Wedding Photography Austin Texas Memory Lane

You could include them in your invitations and/or save the dates. For example, you could do what Jermaine and Laura did and have your pets do the inviting…

Save the Dates

  • Mention them in your ceremony and/or somehow incorporate them into your vows so that you're not only committing to each other but you're promising to commit to your furry family members as well.
  • Have your pets represented in your cake topper!

cat figurines

  • Have a special framed photo of your pet/s at the reception, perhaps by the guest book so that all your guests can be greeted by them. Or, even better, include them in your engagement photos and then display those photos at the wedding.
  • Have the favors be donations towards the shelter from which you rescued your pets, or a breed specific charity.
  • Include photos of them into your wedding slide show (if you're doing that kind of thing). Or if your venue has use of a projector, you could project one good pic of your pet in the room.
  • Wear a charm bracelet or cufflinks with charms that represent your animals.
Wedding table number
Flickr member mingaling made their table numbers out of pictures of their dog Molls.
  • Get matching tattoos that represent your pet(s) before the wedding and make sure to wear clothes that show them off!
  • If you either have a LOT of animal friends, or a small wedding, you could even name each table after one of your furbabies. OR use your one furbaby to illustrate the table numbers.
  • Include them in your guest book design, like this geniusness from Flickr member penelope waits
a guest book page
  • You could incorporate your animals into your bouquet — attach a locket with their pictures to your bouquet or create a brooch bouquet with pendants and baubles that represent your pets like Cat did.
Cat's parrot brooch and real parrot at her wedding.
Cat's parrot brooch and real parrot at her wedding.

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  1. My husband I had cake toppers made by The Pink Koala over at Etsy. Along with little Liz bride and Jason groom gnomes she made replicas of our 2 dogs as well as other woodland creatures from the area we got married in. See our cake here and here: (cake by Katie Cakes in South Lake Tahoe and photos by Kathleen Amelia)

  2. Lara did a wonderful job on our Save the Dates! So excited they made it on. Annnnnnnnnnd I might just use Layla and Luna pictures for our table numbers too. great idea! 🙂

  3. My husband and I got married three weeks ago, and we incorporated our cats into our vows and our ceremony. We wrote our own vows, and I thanked my husband “for understanding why I talk to our cats.” Also, we got married in a movie theater and my husband made “credits” to play on the screen that featured video portraits of our cats. It was rad.

  4. i love this post. both myself and FH have lost pets recently. He lost his family’s golden retriever to age and I lost my feline soulmate Clancy to cancer. We have not adopted new pets yet because we arent ready. But we decided that in lieu of wedding favors we’re going to donate the money it would cost to the SPCA (clancy was a shelter kitty). The SPCA will send you place cards that explain the donation, and we’re going to try to have “In loving memory Clancy and Rascall”

  5. What a lovely post. We are travelling from Ireland to New York for our wedding and will have to leave our 2 Westie pups with my parents (we’re sort of eloping with only my sister and her hubby as guests!) As we aren’t having all the usual trappings of a wedding party there aren’t many ways to incorporate them but I have designed a whole range of greetings cards already based on our pups and used the Thank you one as thanks for wedding gifts if that counts! I may also make a mention to them in my vows now that I’ve read this!

  6. My co-worker and her partner made the beer for their reception and incorporated a picture of their dog in the labels they made.

    • Omg, perfect! 4 cats + 4 kinds of home brewed beer/wine = awesome solution to my labling conundrum!!! Ty!

  7. I really dig some of these ideas. As a mommy to five cats, one foster kitten, and a dog, we seriously need ideas to incorporate our fur babies 🙂

  8. Phill carried a picture of our cats in his kilt sporan on our wedding day. We wished so much that they could have been there.

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