This is what happens when two park rangers get married in Maine’s fall colorsplosion

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 | Photography by LAD Photography
Adorable park ranger wedding

How perfect is a crisp autumn day in Maine for a park ranger wedding? Josh and Toni are both national park rangers, and they managed to score near-peak fall color for their wedding in Maine last October.

Also, let's talk about those adorable pinecone cake toppers. This is a DIY no-brainer right here. The pinecones are even wearing tiny little ranger hats, areyoukiddingme! And we definitely need to take a moment to appreciate Toni's ensemble. The belt, the statement necklace, and that jacket… Josh and Toni picked out all their wedding clothing so that they could wear everything more than once. Just saying all of that could go in my closet, and I wouldn't complain.

The pier at Bar Harbor Inn

Bar Harbor Inn wedding

Wedding ceremony at Bar Harbor Inn

Smiles during ceremony

Saying his vows

Bride with belt and statement necklace

Paper and soy bouquet

Orange kisses

Fall color snuggles

Dark fall colors in Maine

Bride and groom at Bar Harbor Inn

Bride and groom on the pier at Bar Harbor Inn

Super simple candle holder with lentil filling

Soy and paper bouquet

Maple candies as wedding favors

Handwriting on cake with pinecone cake toppers

Handwriting on cake icing

Pinecone cake toppers

Cutting the cake

Watch your step


Ring Designer: Minter & Richter • Photographer: LAD Photography • Venue: Bar Harbor Inn and Spa

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  1. This wedding is so freaking adorable I’m considering moving to the East Coast now.

  2. I’m distracted by the cute candies in the brown paper wrappers. Are they marzipan or something else : D

  3. Holy cats! I love EVERYTHING about this wedding. Especially her belt (want!). The colors, the setting, the bouquet…simply gorgeous.

  4. So impressed with the beautiful fall colors being a part of your wedding. Since you are clearly nature lovers and work in the outdoors it was a perfect setting.
    Can I ask what type of stones is your necklace made of and where did you get it from?? They look like hematite to me. Best Wishes to you both in your life together!!!

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