9 creative ways to thank your parents for making it to (and through!) your wedding

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parent wedding gifts
Give your parents the gift of something thoughtful, and possibly filled with booze. (I Survived My Daughter's Wedding Wine Glass by Etsy seller FlowertownWeddings)

Unless you raised yourselves (or were raised by wolves, which would be even better), you might have a parent figure of some kind to thank for helping you get to be the awesome human you are who gets to marry the awesome person who loves you for being the awesome person you are.

If this is the case, here are some fun ways to thank your parents/parental figures before, after, or at your wedding.

parent wedding gifts
Handkerchiefs for your mom and dad by Etsy seller Canyon Embroidery

If your parents are the weepy kind, hook them up with a heartfelt handkerchief for their wedding tears that will, ironically, make them cry upon receipt.

parent wedding gifts
Mother Of The Bride Tote Bag by Instattrends

If your mom is like my mom she wears her “Mother of the Bride” label with pride. Let her wear it with pride both literally and metaphorically with a cute “mother of the bride” tote bag…

parent wedding gifts
Mother of the Bride and Groom Wine Glasses by WeddingsByLeann

…Or a wine glass, preferably filled with good wine, or whiskey!

Wedding Gift Wine Labels by SpecialLittleThought

Speaking of booze… weddings are stressful. If your in-laws or your parents have been helping out in any way, they probably deserve not just a drink, but an entire bottle!

Personalized Tie Patch by Etsy seller sewhappygirls

I got my father an awesome Game of Thrones-themed tie (he's totally a Stark), but if I actually had the time I would have loved to add a personalized tie patch as a cute thank you note to go with the gift of fashion.

Custom Fishing Lure by Etsy seller RobertaValle

Although, to be honest, he'd probably just rather have a cool custom fishing lure. Anyone else have a dad like mine? 😉

Set of Personalized Platters by Susabellas

Of continually lend a helping hand for any future events your parents might throw, by gifting them personalized trays. (I love these “love always” platters from Susabellas.)

Parent wedding gifts sign by Etsy seller NicoletteAnneDesign

Still can't think of good parent wedding gifts? I love the idea of putting up a sign like this that thanks them publicly and sweetly for just being who they are.

Custom Mother and Bride Illustration by SsasaDesigns

Father and bride illustration

Get a little artsy with custom illustrations of you with your parental figures, like these drawings from SsasaDesigns. Or, if you possess the power of artistic skills, you could create your own custom drawings as parental wedding gifts!

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