Add a vintage flavor to your wedding bevvies with paper straws

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So you're serving something delicious at your wedding — maybe even a fabulous mocktail, for your alcohol-free event? And you want a little something extra, something to take your slightly rustic carnival rainbow colorsplosion non-theme to the next level? You could add a little vintage-flavored BLAMMO to your drinks with these paper straws.

Bonus: they're pretty budget friendly, with packs of 144 straws going for $7.

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Comments on Add a vintage flavor to your wedding bevvies with paper straws

  1. I bought the red & white ones & 144 sounded like a lot more. But they sure are cute!

  2. LOL! You just reminded me I bought a box of these for the wedding! NO IDEA where they are!

  3. Just remember to buy the 10 1/2″ ones if you are using them for soda in glass bottles. Sugar Diva has some cute ones for a fare price.

  4. Not only are try budget friendly but they’ve got to be a damm better than using plastic as a disposable to end up in landfill

  5. Abiut time OBB jumped on the paper straw bandwagon! I definitely suggest shopping around because amazon has limited styles. You can find more than just stripes- stars, hearts, polka dots. 🙂

  6. ok call me silly, I have some of these but I’m afraid of them dissolving into the water like a paper lollipop stick in your mouth, do they last?

    • Most are coated in wax, which keeps them mostly waterproof in cold beverages.
      In this way, they’re a bit like a McDonald’s cup or something–if you leave it soaking for a long time, it will eventually break down. But if they’re submerged in liquid only a couple hours, I’d think it would be fine.

  7. Seeing this photo made me think that having milkshakes at a wedding reception would be a blast. Tasty and Fun! Thanks for the idea!

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